Membership Impact Week 2013 Day 5 - Meet Kate from National Board

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Membership Impact Week 2013 Day 5 - Meet Kate from National Board

Posted By admin |19 Sep 2013
Membership Impact Week 2013 Day 5 - Meet Kate from National Board

On Day 5 of membership impact week we're talking to the lovely Kate Senter, who is gonig to tell us all about national board and what it's like to be a part of the team:

Can you explain a bit about what national board is and does?

The JCI UK National Board has many objectives when it comes to what we deliver. Ultimately, we are in place to support and strengthen existing and potential chambers. We are on hand to provide advice, marketing support, coordinate national projects, manage national training activities and much more!

Our National President is the voice for all of our UK members on the international stage - this is vitally important when it comes to considering policies that might impact on how we run our organisations locally.

What is your role on national board?Portraits » 2012 » Kate cropped.jpg

This year I am the JCI UK Deputy National President. This role is all about supporting our National President in ensuring that the organisation is well run. Equally, I have been working with the local Deputy Presidents - primarily helping to foster a sense of camaraderie and collaboration.

What made you take on this particular role?

I joined JCI in 2008 and got involved from the word go! I held various roles locally and following a year as local president for JCI Sheffield, I took the step up to the national board. I decided to take on this role specifically as I am so passionate about the organisation. As a group of individuals, we come together and make a positive impact in our society - be it through community projects, personal development or building business connections and collaboration.  JCI is an organisation that has changed my life and those of many of the members that I know! I have been able to build new skills, gain new experiences, travel the world and make some amazing friends for life - everyone should have these opportunities!

How is the year going?

AMAZING! Where to start? From winning the Queen's Award to seeing our members hauling in sacks of thousands of bras...our members have achieved some amazing things and we still have some way to go to the end of the year! My personal highlight....possibly meeting Prince Albert of Monaco (a Senator of JCI) at his palace during a VIP reception at the JCI European Conference in June!

What are you looking forward to in the last quarter of the year?

Crumbs....there is so much going on! We're heading into the annual dinner season where many of our chambers will be celebrating the last 12 months so that will be great! We also have the national convention coming up in Leeds in November and that promises to be such an amazing event, held at the beautiful Oulton Hall! I can't wait!