Member of the Month - Anne Homer (JCI Sheffield)

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Member of the Month - Anne Homer (JCI Sheffield)

Posted By admin |29 Jun 2016
Member of the Month - Anne Homer (JCI Sheffield)

Our latest member of the month is Anne Homer from JCI Sheffield.  Blog » meet the members » Anne Homer.jpg

Anne joined as a new member earlier this year. She was quite shy when she joined JCI and wanted to try and improve her speaking skills. After initially attending JCI Sheffield's first public speaking club, Anne has gone from strength to strength.  She gave a ten minute presentation at JCI Barnsley's open mic night and in May took part in JCI Sheffield's EU debate and attended her first National Event: the JCI UK public speaking academy, where she pushed herself even further.

Anne also regularly attends events in other chambers to take every development opportunity available. She always gets involved in chamber activities and is part of a national team looking into development of our new JCI UK website.

JCI Sheffield president Gareth says: "Anne is also helping on some projects we have in Sheffield. I am incredibly honoured that Anne is a member of Sheffield and I know her journey with JCI will take her far.  Her participation in the EU debate is one of my proudest moments as she really gave it her all and the team she was on was the one that won for debating skills".

Congratulations Anne, who wins a £50 discount from the price of the JCI UK National Convention happening in November.