Meet the Member - Phil Cockayne (JCI Bradford)

Meet the Member - Phil Cockayne (JCI Bradford)

Posted By admin |14 Apr 2015
Meet the Member - Phil Cockayne (JCI Bradford)

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Introducing Phil Cockayne, President of JCI Bradford.

Which chamber are you a member of?
JCI Bradford

How long have you been a JCI member?
Since November 2013

What made you join?
To do something constructive outside of work and at the same time - refine my leadership skills and meet new people

What is the most interesting JCI event you've been to and why?
Probably National Convention in Canary Wharf - it was great to meet up with friends from other chambers, meet new people, witness the new and rising JCI Canary Wharf, experience Canary Wharf as a district, take part in both Extempore and Debating competitions (and, despite it being my first attempt, being named best Debater in the UK).

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Had JCI presented any unusual/interesting opportunities?
Aged 23, it feels pretty good to be leading a small organisations. It brings you a few interesting opportunities including sitting on the Council of Bradford Chamber of Commerce, being invited to numerous high profile events and speaking on Bradford Community Broadcast Radio. It also got me in a room with some delegates from the US Embassy for a high-profile meeting on the 30th Floor of the Barclays building in Canary Wharf. Not bad for a lad from rural Yorkshire

What is your job/career/profession/business?
After leaving university with a degree in history - I joined a Bradford based software firm as their first dedicated sales resource.

Has JCI had any impact on your job/career/profession/business?
Perhaps in less direct ways. As well as improving my communications, public speaking and presenting - JCI has also provided some sales opportunities from places I wouldn't have been if it wasn't for JCI

What's your proudest achievement?
250% membership growth as Deputy President in 2014. Bradford was a struggling chamber between the years of 2010 and 2013 - with sometimes as low as 3 members. The chamber was close to going dormant. After starting with 7 members in 2013, at the end of 2014 we were on 17. Going into 2015 - we're already on 23. 2015 is going to a good year for us - with the launch of our Leadership Programme, a great partnership with the Chamber of Commerce, a structured set of training sessions and social sessions, some great partnerships and a vibrant council team, 2015 should be the year we see JCI Bradford put back on the map

What is your favourite colour of socks to wear?
Am I allowed to say multi-coloured stripy socks (which I'm fond of wearing to black tie events so keep your eyes peeled)

Tell us something crazy/dangerous/inspiring/unusual you have done
I'll give you one of each:

Crazy - didn't want to pay to run a marathon so plotted 26.2 miles on a map and ran it - went from Shepley in Yorkshire to Castleton in the Hope Valley. Over the moors, piercing rain, freezing cold temperatures. Did it in 4 hours 56 minutes

Dangerous - jumping over a 3 and a half metre gap at Brimham Rocks (with a good 4 metre drop below) - see picture attached

Inspiring - Convinced a new member to start a community project which he led all by himself. After applying for a £500 community grant - he was awarded £2,500. The project was a huge success which got great local coverage

Unusual - One of my favourite past-times is obstacle course races. True happiness only exists when you've run 6 miles and your chest deep in a festering, muddy pond - you can hold me to that

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Thanks Phil!