Meet the Member - Faisal Mooraby (JCI Swindon)

Meet the Member - Faisal Mooraby (JCI Swindon)

Posted By admin |08 Aug 2015
Meet the Member - Faisal Mooraby (JCI Swindon)

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Today we get to meet Faisal who has been responsible for launching JCI Swindon PO.

Which chamber are you a member of?
I am a member of JCI Reading but currently relaunching JCI Swindon

How long have you been a JCI member?
5 years - time flies really quickly

What made you join?
A tweet from a brilliant Toastmaster who was also a JCI member lead me searching for the closest Chapter

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What is the most interesting JCI event you've been to and why?
There are many and the memories stay with you. I think the Global Partnership Summit in New York is probably the most memorable one. It really is a privilege to work on something truly global and this at the UN HQ

Had JCI presented any unusual/interesting opportunities?
Difficult to say but the personality shaping I've had at JCI has certainly enabled me to look at more creative ways searching for opportunities. The relaunch of JCI Swindon has been an interesting one. I don't know whether good or bad but I do get a lot of emails from "potential business partners".

What is your job/career/profession/business?
It's always changing. I was an engineer in telecoms, now I am a data analyst, programmer and BI developer. On the long run, I'd want to be a technology strategist

Has JCI had any impact on your job/career/profession/business?
Certainly! I am more confident in networking with potential businesses or even other professionals. I am more exposed digitally, through my JCI contacts.

What's your proudest achievement?
It has to be the launch of JCI Swindon. The turn-out took me by surprise. Nevertheless, the job does not end.

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If we gave you an elephant, where would you hide it?
The Tron Grid - an elephant in a mainframe computer and covered with neon-lights  - isn't this cool?

Tell us something crazy/dangerous/inspiring/unusual you have done
Crazy! It has to be the Tomatina! Squeezed amongst thousands of people on a tiny road and getting smashed with tomatoes. It was a surreal experience and quite amazed on the psychology of man!

Thanks Faisal!