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Meet the Member - Charlie Pearson - RGC Yorkshire

Posted By admin |21 May 2015
Meet the Member - Charlie Pearson - RGC Yorkshire

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We are lucky today to find out more about our Regional Group Chairman for Yorkshire - Charlie Pearson.

Which chamber are you a member of?
I am a JCI Rotherham member.

How long have you been a JCI member?
I joined JCI Barnsley in 2011, I then moved to JCI Rotherham in 2014 for their Relaunch.

What made you join?
At the time I was a freelance Photographer looking for networking opportunities. I quickly
realised that I was going to get that and much more so I stayed once I got full time

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What is the most interesting JCI event you've been to and why?
Oooh that one is really hard! I have to say my first European Conference in Braunschweig
Germany in June 2012. I was just the most amazing week with great friends. I learnt,
laughed and did so much in those few days (helped that I didn't sleep much).

Is there anything you have done as a JCI member that you never would have thought
possible before you joined?
I'm not sure there is anything I wouldn't have thought possible as I am a person that is
always willing to give things a go so given the right opportunities then anything it possible. I
think JCI gives me those opportunities. Everything from Debating to having afternoon tea in
a palace gardens in Malta!

What is your job/career/profession/business?
I am a stock & facilities assistant for a fundraising company.

Has JCI had any impact on your job/career/profession/business?
Yes, completely 100%! My boss is a past JCI Barnsley President, I she hadn't come in to run a
training session for us then I wouldn't have even known there was a job opportunity there.

Who is a leader you admire?
Nelson Mandela has to be high on the list, to stand so strongly for that you believe is right,
with grace and dignity to improve not only your life but the life of others is exactly what
everyone in this world should aim to do.

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What's your proudest achievement?
All the things I have done that could be in this list!! Personally I am so proud of myself for
getting an education. I am not a naturally academic person and applying myself enough to
get everything from GCSE's to a BA hons Degree means the world to me and has set me up
for whatever I decide to do in life. In JCI there are two moments, JCI Barnsley being
shortlisted for Most Outstanding Chamber in Europe for my Presidential year or 2013 and
JCI Rotherham's first birthday Annual Dinner. For those of you who know me well you will
know that basically means both of my Presidential years for two fantastic chambers, I am
sure my RGC year will get added to the list in December too!

What's your favourite biscuit and why?
Anything with milk chocolate on it, why? because it's chocolate!

What is a good weekend to you?
I love the weekends I am at home will my family, the chill out or catch up Saturdays , being
woken up by my three year old niece at 9am on a Sunday morning and then the whole
family getting together for dinner. It is just crazy, loud and normal life.

Tell us something crazy/dangerous/inspiring/unusual you have done.
When I left University I went to America to be a camp counselor which was just crazy!
Finding a snake in my shower was dangerous, the kids were inspiring and the whole thing
was unusual!