Meet the Member - Ben Hawley (JCI Barnsley)

Meet the Member - Ben Hawley (JCI Barnsley)

Posted By admin |14 Apr 2015
Meet the Member - Ben Hawley (JCI Barnsley)

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Today we are lucky enough to meet Ben Hawley from JCI Barnsley.

Which chamber are you a member of?
JCI Barnsley

How long have you been a JCI member?
I joined in March 2012 for just under three years.

What made you join?
I'd recently started up a new business and wanted to network. I was also looking for new people to socialise with as my social life wasn't great at the time as the previous job I had and the hours worked meant I'd lost contact with a lot of my socials circles.

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What is the most interesting JCI event you've been to and why?
It's probably the Open Mic trainings session run by JCI Barnsley at the start of 2014. Any one could deliver a 10 minutes session on a subject of their choice. On the evening we had a range of topics covered from how to use Dropbox, how you could get HMRC to pay for your next annual dinner ticket and a practical demonstration of the different types of fencing.

Had JCI presented any unusual/interesting opportunities?
The opportunity I've enjoyed the most is representing my country at a European and world level in Debating. It's something I'd never done before joining JCI but I tried it and love it and turns out I'm not bad at it. I'm not a hugely sporty person so being able to represent the UK on a global scale is something I never thought I'd get to do.

What is your job/career/profession/business?
I'm a marketing professional and run my own marketing company. I work with a range of different types of companies to make sure they're taking advantages of the latest techniques in reaching their market and effectively communicating their message.

Has JCI had any impact on your job/career/profession/business?
Very much so. The public speaking, debating and extempore training has helped a lot. I'd recommend everyone develops these skills as they allow you to communicate more effectively, allow you to think on your feet without hesitating and be able to form a logical argument that you can put across effectively to counter any points people may have. All key skills for any job involving sales of any kind.

What's your proudest achievement?
My proudest achievement in JCI so far is being awarded 'Most Outstanding Local President 2014'. I'm a firm believer that a leader is only good as the team they head up, I see it as recognition for what the members of JCI Barnsley achieved in the year as without them, the year wouldn't have been anywhere as near as successful as it was.

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Where's your favourite place to eat?
Is it wrong that this was the most difficult to answer? If I had to pick one, I'd say The Old Mustard Pot at Midhopestones in Sheffield. It's a really nice country side pub with great food, good beer and an open fire. It's brilliant on a cold winter night.

Tell us soething crazy/dangerous/inspiring/unusual you have done
Althought I've not done it for a while, I'm a PADI qualified Advanced Open Water Diver. It's on my list for 2015 to get back into it.


Thanks Ben!