Meet the Council Team: Neal Stirk

Meet the Council Team: Neal Stirk

Posted By admin |06 Aug 2014
Meet the Council Team: Neal Stirk


Neal Stirk

How long have you been a member of JCI?

Since June 2013

How long have you been on the Council Team?
May 2014

What is your current role on the council team?
I am currently a General Director - where possible i try and help out where needed and have keen interest in the community side of JCI.

What are your hobbies?
I love volunteering at events and helping to raise money for excellent causes. I go to as many JCI events and volunteer at as many events as time permits me too. Where money is a great thing to give to charities its also very important giving a cause your time which I think can be worth so much more and volunteering is a new love of mine!

I have a keen interest in technology i can normally be found installing the latest better version of software on my laptop, eyeing up the latest gadget or reading up on how twitter is being used to track buying habits. Technology is a wonderful thing and it moves at a lightening pace which too has always made it one of the most exciting area's to work in.

Alongside my love for IT and volunteering I love taking photos with my camera at events and capturing what is happening in the best possible light. I have taken photos at a couple of events and i hope to take a lot (the better ones may well appear on our site!).

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Why JCI for you?
I first found out about after taking part in the RISE campaign with my previous employer and after speaking to them at a Networking event i was blown away with the enthusiasm shown by JCI's Members. I love the friendly and encouraging environment which is a fantastic environment to be around. Since joining i have attended many training events and intend on going to many more! Im hoping to get over my fear of public speaking and intend on trying my hand at 'extempore', off the cuff public speaking! 

Tell us about your role.
My role is mainly assisting in the chamber where help is required because of my interest in the community side of JCI i have helped here mostly so far.  Last year I joined fellow members in doing a sponsored rough sleep in a car park in aid of SAFE@LAST!

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What is your ambition in JCI?
To win competitions or awards in any area for the chamber!

Proudest JCI moment (so far!)?
Becoming a member of the board - I love having a say in what happens in the chamber and what direction we take on a local level. I'm hoping to produce more and even better proud moments.

Most embarrassing moment?
Whilst working at a client site, I was under a desk cable chasing and my trousers spilt! The client didn't notice but I did have to call my boss and ask to go home and change as I felt very self conscious!

What is your occupation?
I work as a Network and Server Engineer for a local IT company called Resolve IT Solutions. As part of my role I look after the IT Infrastructure for several companies, this includes desktops and servers. 

Claim to fame?
I use to go to many Frank Turner gigs in the past he remembered me and my friend every time we turned up and saw us. I was also once in the running to become the milky bar kid. I was once on television having been interviewed by the local news about Leicester City in the League cup final, i predicted the score would be 3-1, i wasn't far off ;).

What advice would you give to someone thinking of joining their local JCI council team?
Do it! JCI has pushed me out of my comfort zone on several occasions and will do some more in the future but only ever in the right direction! So if you want to push yourself join the most friendly and encouraging organisation in sheffield!

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If you are interested in joining the 2015 JCI Sheffield Council Team, please get in touch with Mark Smith, 2014 Deputy President.