Meet the council team: Mark Smith

Meet the council team: Mark Smith

Posted By admin |15 Jul 2014
Meet the council team: Mark Smith


Mark Smith

How long have you been a member of JCI?

Since May 2012.

How long have you been on the Council Team?

Just over a year and a half - last year I was Marketing Director for JCI Sheffield.

What is your current role on the council team?

I'm very proud to be the 2014 Deputy President for JCI Sheffield.

What are your hobbies?

I love being involved with JCI and as well as going to as many training sessions, networking events and community activities as much as I can, I also really enjoy serving on the local JCI Council Team.

Volunteering and fundraising is a massive part of my life and something I've always done since I was at school!  I have learned so much from my volunteering experiences and have made lots of close friends whilst doing so.  I'm (slowly) preparing for the biggest fundraising challenge of my life (so far) - in November I will be trekking 100KM across the Sahara Desert in aid of SAFE@LAST.  Please sponsor me!

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I love to go walking in the Peaks which I must make more time to do.  I'm a member of a local amateur dramatics group, Handsworth & Hallam Theatre Company.  I enjoy being part of the chorus with them and usually appear in panto in January as well as joining the cast for their summer musicals.  I am also Chair of the group.

I am a Corrie and Easties fan but I'm rubbish at watching them each week so have marathon catch up sessions - my worst was having 34 Corrie episode backlog to watch!

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Why JCI for you?

Initially I was attracted to JCI for the fantastic training and personal development opportunities as well as the chance to meet new people. What I love the most about JCI is being surrounded by enthusiastic people with a 'can do' attitude!  I'm also trying to make the most of the international opportunities and absolutely loved going to my first JCI European Conference in Malta in June.  I couldn't resist dressing up in so much Union Jack stuff to represent the JCI UK delegation!

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Tell us about your role.

As Deputy President, more role is to assist and support the President in all aspects of running the local chamber.  A key part is helping to represent the chamber both within JCI and outside JCI.  I'm also there as a general support to help other members of the Council Team as and when they need it.  This year, in the absence of a designated Community Director, I have lead on our community activities. 

What is your ambition in JCI?

I am really looking forward to serving as Local President next year.  In the future, I would also like to join the JCI UK National Board and run for National President one day!  I have really enjoyed the bits of training I have delivered within JCI and I would love to get the chance to do more facilitating.

Proudest JCI moment (so far!)?

Winning the most outstanding member in the UK was a total honour only to be topped by winning this award at European level! I was totally shocked and my legs went to jelly when having to accept my award from the JCI World President on stage in Malta in front of 1400 JCI members!

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Most embarrassing moment?

Probably on the way to a corporate pitch for work, I dropped my keys when I got of the car and as I bent down to pick them up, my trousers split! I carried my jacket into the meeting to cover my trousers and still won the pitch!

What is your occupation?

I work for children's charity SAFE@LAST as Director of Operations & Strategy. My role involves overseeing the smooth running of the charity's key support functions such as volunteering, fundraising, marketing & PR, admin, partnership working etc. I love it and no two days are the same. Working for a charity that keeps vulnerable children safe gives me great job satisfaction.

Claim to fame?

Hmmm which '15 minutes of fame' shall I tell you about...?!  I carried the band Blue's sandwiches to the venue when they played our Uni end of year ball....I use to cut the grass of George Bake aka Inspector Wexford from The Ruth Rendall mysteries...I've met Daniel O'Donnell several times...!

What advice would you give to someone thinking of joining their local JCI council team?

I would say definitely give it a go....what have you got to lose? Push yourself outside your comfort zones. The support you get from fellow council team members is brilliant and who knows where it could take you. It's an opportunity to learn by doing.

If you are interested in joining next years Council Team, please get in touch with Mark for a chat.