Meet the Council Team: Dan Senter

Meet the Council Team: Dan Senter

Posted By admin |20 Aug 2014
Meet the Council Team: Dan Senter

Name: Dan Senter

How long have you been a member of JCI?

Since 2009

How long have you been on council team?

Since 2011

Current role:

I'm currently the Immediate Past President (IPP) of JCI Sheffield and the Admin Director for JCI UK. 

What are your hobbies?

I love running, cycling and generally trying to keep fit. In November, I am trekking to the Sahara with Deputy President Mark Smith to raise funds for our charity of the year SAFE@LAST.  Please sponsor me!  Also working in IT I'm generally a bit of a techno geek!

Council team » DAN running.jpg

Why JCI for you?

JCI is all about giving its members opportunities to develop and done exactly that. I've taken the opportunities that have been offered to me to develop and become a different person, for the better!

Tell us about your role:

As the 2013 President of JCI Sheffield my role as IPP is to help support the current president and deputy president. I help to support in offering the benefit of learnings made during my year as president to ensure we progress forward as a Chamber. In my national role I am part of the National Board which consists of members from across the county who all have roles to help support the local chambers. The Admin Director is similar to the Admin Director at a local level and is there to help ensure the organisation operates efficiently and governance is in place around the decision making processes.

What is your ambition within JCI?

My ambition in JCI is to help others achieve the very best that they can be and help the communities in which we live in doing so.

Proudest moment at JCI (so far!)

In 2012 I led a project that delivered the JCI UK Leadership in Excellence Action Programme (LEAP), which is a 3 day intensive Leadership Training course for our members. This programme is now it's 3rd year and going form strength to strength. My proudest moment was when the programme was shortlisted at European level as one of the most successful inter-collaboration projects.

Council team » DAN LEAP.jpg

Most embarrassing moment:

Earlier this year I some how managed to get in the car, drive to the supermarket, get a trolley and half fill it before noticing I was wearing a pair of slippers still!! All I can say is it had been a long day....

What is your occupation?

I am the Reporting Centre of Excellence Manager for National Grid... What does that mean I hear you say? I run a team of analysts, architects and developers who work hard to turn the masses of data that my business generates into meaningful information to help guide managers at all levels in making the best decisions they can. i.e. Transform data into information!

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Claim to Fame?

I met Peter Jones a couple of years back in Sheffield when he visited and managed to get a picture with him... and yes is really is that tall!

What advice would you give to someone thinking of joining their local JCI council team?

Do it! Some opportunities never repeat themselves... Who knows what you are missing?

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Get in touch with Dan by email or follow him on twitter.

If you are interested in a role on the 2015 Council Team, please get in touch with Mark Smith, 2014 Deputy President for a chat.