Meet the council team: Ashleigh Gray

Meet the council team: Ashleigh Gray

Posted By admin |20 May 2014
Meet the council team: Ashleigh Gray


Ashleigh Gray

Council team position:

2014 Marketing and Communications Director, JCI Sheffield

How long have you been a member of JCI?

Almost a year which has flown by!

How long have you been on council team?

Going in to my fifth month now and am loving every minute!

What are your hobbies?

I like to keep busy and to try lots of new things, but I spend most of my spare time acting, dancing, reading, watching movies, listening to music (mostly 60s and 70s soul stuff) cycling, walking, trying new foods and cooking, going to JCI events and spending time with my friends and family. A goal of mine is to do more traveling which I'm starting to fulfill this year with visits to Ireland, Belgium, Malta and Germany planned!

Why JCI for you?

I initially joined JCI to work on the skills that would help me in my professional life. I was attracted to the Public Speaking training and attended an all-day "Presenter Course", which gave me some invaluable experience and tips that I have used since. However, JCI has offered me so much more and continues to do so the more events I attend and (fantastic) people I meet.I've been encouraged to go for my dream career, travel more and a particular thing I'm really enjoying doing more of is volunteering - it feels so good to give!

Tell us about your role:

As Marketing and Communications Director, there is never nothing to do! Thankfully I have a wonderful partner in Andy Smyth with whom I share the responsibilities and essentially our aim this year is to increase Member Engagement whilst also raising the profile of our Chamber. We are responsible for maintaining the JCI Sheffield website, our social media platforms, creating and producing any marketing materials for events and promoting our events to our members and stakeholders. Council team » AG Marketing Academy.jpg

What is your ambition within JCI?

To become a Trainer and to pass on all the great things I've learned already to those who want to learn and be better - watch this space! Also to complete all of the Official JCI Courses and travel to see as many other Chambers as possible! 

Proudest moment at JCI (so far!)

Hearing back from Presidents' & Deputies Day that the JCI Sheffield Website was praised for having an engaging Meet The Council Team page and 16 blog entries since January - hoorah!

Most embarrassing moment:

Over-sharing about a certain chocolate addiction during our visit to see our (amazing!) twin chamber, JCI Mayo, back in March. 

Council team » AG at Mayo.jpg

What is your occupation?

I'm currently an Account Manager for Grey Matter, a regional Marketing & Advertising Agency based across from the beauteous Botanical Gardens in Sheffield. 

Claim to Fame?

I have heard Keira Knightley wee! Come to a JCI event and I'll tell you more...

What advice would you give to someone thinking of joining their local JCI council team?

Seriously consider it and talk to a current Council Team member. I initially ruled it out because I was concerned about time and how I'd manage a JCI role amongst all the other things I do (not to mention working full time!) But then I spoke to a few directors and realised that JCI attracts busy people and everybody helps each other out! You don't ever need to feel overwhelmed. It's a very flexible environment which allows you to practice managing an organisation without pressure - excellent experience that you can transfer in any career path you may take. You also get to work with a bunch of enthusiastic and fabulous people who will undoubtedly become great friends. 

If you would like to find out more about joining the Council Team next year, please get in touch with Mark Smith, Deputy President