Meet Robert Illidge Marketing Director for JCI Manchester

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Meet Robert Illidge Marketing Director for JCI Manchester

Posted By admin |31 Jan 2011
Meet Robert Illidge Marketing Director for JCI Manchester

I had the chance to interview Rob Illidge from JCI Manchester. The Manchester branch has been growing a lot over the last year and Rob has been a key member of the team.

You are a member of JCI Manchester. What's your role in the chamber? 
As Marketing Director my role is central to the ambitious growth plans of JCI Manchester. I utilise my expertise in marketing, social media and other online strategies. I am responsible for web content, event promotion and PR, working closely with our external design agency - Rhino. I also ensure that the JCI message of growth, dynamism and change is spread far and wide.

What do you hope to get out of your membership?
Developing personally in a wide number of areas, as well as improving my public speaking skills. I also aim to grow the JCI Manchester brand, and improve on the already outstanding number of new members. Portraits » Robert Illidge, JCI Manchester
Which is your best JCI memory? 

The 2010 Manchester Talent Awards. Following the election of a new board in April it was our aim to revitalise the brand, bring in new members, and corporate partners. In November of that year 100 of the city's most outstanding young individuals were recognised, receiving awards ranging from philanthropy to international impact. The night was a great success, and we are all looking forward to recognising more talent in 2011.
What are you most proud of that you have achieved in life? 
Graduating was very proud moment; after all those years of education it was great to gain a sense of achievement, and take my first step onto the career ladder. I am also extremely proud of becoming Marketing Director for JCI Manchester.
Who do you admire?
A business idol would have to be Richard Branson for his entrepreneurial spirit, passion, and overall success. Personally, I also admire Sir Alex Ferguson for his commitment to the job and achievements.
What attribute of your personality are you most proud of? 
I am extremely ambitious, always striving to achieve more, and learn from mistakes. I would certainly say that I am passionate about my role as Marketing Director for JCI Manchester.
What is your hidden talent?
In the office this would have to be my typing speed, and outside of the office, ice skating!
If you could change anything in the world what would that be? 
The current unrest in Egypt, working on a long term strategy for world peace.
If you can invite any speaker to a JCI event who would that be? 
Barack Obama, a man who changed over 200 years of history using innovative ways of reaching voters, for example his YouTube and Twitter campaigns during the 2008 election campaign.

Are you planning to go to any international JCI events 2011? 
I am looking to attend the JCI Global Partnership Summit in New York, or the JCI European Conference in Catalonia.

Can JCI help you with anything? Contacts? Ideas? 
It would be great to speak to others in my role across the country. This way we could exchange marketing ideas and strategies strengthening the JCI UK brand.