Meet one of our new members - Ola Szaran

Meet one of our new members - Ola Szaran

Posted By admin |19 Jul 2012
Meet one of our new members - Ola Szaran

Why did you join JCI?

Ola Graduating at Marketing AcademyI joined JCI because I believe this is a place to meet active and extraordinary people who are not afraid to take actions to make a difference! It's a place to learn, develop your skills and become a person you want to be

What events have you attended?
My first JCI event was the ‘Marketing Academy' in Sheffield. I was very impressed by the smooth organisation and great training sessions. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in marketing. I've also attended several business events and the event with JCI Secretary General Edson Kodama who talked about JCI history, where it all started and what's the plan for the future.

I even organised one event myself- a meeting with an inspirational business woman and mentor- Karen Darby. I received all the help I needed from the business team members and the event was a great success with almost 40 attendees.

How have you been enjoying your membership so far?
Yes, very much. One of the best things as a member is that you are able to decide how much you want to get involved. I think you can compare it to a beautiful garden. You can sit on a bench and enjoy the surroundings or grab a trowel and plant some flowers. It's really in your hands, as every JCI member has a voice and can shape the future.

What are you most looking forward to about being a JCI member?
I can be very specific - I'm looking forward to the 21st July, to attend the TEDxSquareMile - Team Launch Event. I would love to get involved in this project!


Thanks Ola!