Meet National Board - Phil Cockayne

Meet National Board - Phil Cockayne

Posted By admin |21 May 2016
Meet National Board - Phil Cockayne

Meet National Board

Phil Cockayne, 2016 JCI Yorkshire Regional Group Chair


Philip Cockayne

Local Chamber:

JCI Bradford

How long have you been a JCI member?

Since November 2013

What made you become a JCI member?

I was looking for a way I could improve my professional outlook outside of work but also put my skills towards a good cause

What is your role on National Board?

As the Regional Group Chairman for Yorkshire, I oversee the Yorkshire region (currently made up of 6 chambers; Barnsley, Bradford, Doncaster, Leeds, Rotherham and Sheffield). I support the local presidents and chambers in the region, help find new opportunities, introduce JCI to new networks and act as liaison between the National Board and the chambers of Yorkshire

What made you want to take on this role?

My skills have always been more strategic in nature (i.e. finding new partners and organisations to work with, groups to support, networking in the region) but also helping apply lessons learned from Bradford across the region (including sharing other lessons from across the region to ensure best practice is being adopted across the region. I also already have a good network across the region so I wanted to apply this at a regional level for JCI rather than at the Bradford level.

What positions have you held within JCI prior to National Board?:
Deputy President at JCI Bradford (2014)
President at JCI Bradford (2015)

What advice would you give to members who are thinking to take on roles within their local council?
JCI is a bit like the gym - if you sign up for membership and don’t do anything with it, don’t be surprised that you’re not getting better. But to apply the same analogy, at the gym you have different workouts based on your goals (cardio for weight loss, weight lifting for bulking, HIIT for tone etc.) The same applies to JCI - be clear on your goals. I’ve always known what I’m good at and what skills I want to improve. By using JCI as a platform, I can continue to grow my skillset outside of work and do some good in the process. So, if you want to rise through the ranks in marketing, take up a Marketing Director role, if you want to do more fundraising, take up a Community Director role. Use JCI as the widely recognised and respected organisation it is and see your career prospects improve as you develop.

If you could choose one national JCI event to attend in 2016 which would you choose?

National Conference’s are always brilliant

Do you have a goal for 2016?

I have plenty:
• Ensure best practice is being shared and 
applied across the region

• Help newer, less well-established chambers grow membership and drive engagement

• Increase exposure across the region (via press, other media outlets etc.)

• Find partners JCI can work with (either community, networking or training) at a regional level 

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