Meeting Mikael, and why we're Junior Chamber INTERNATIONAL

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Meeting Mikael, and why we're Junior Chamber INTERNATIONAL

Posted By admin |15 Feb 2017
Meeting Mikael, and why we're Junior Chamber INTERNATIONAL

Most of us forget and take advantage of the fact that JCI is a truly international organisation. With annual conferences on a European and World level, European Academy, international members joining us at conferences such as LEAP and National Convention, it's easy for us to forget that this is a HUGE part of what makes JCI such a rewarding organisation. You can take a trip, be it business or personal, to most cities in the world and be able to meet the Local Chamber for drinks or dinner, or even to be shown some of the secrets of the city. I get countless messages every week from members across the world who are coming to visit and want to find out what we'll be up to during their stay. We forget all of this, and yet last week we hosted a member of JCE Tours who is making the most of this international aspect.

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La semaine derniere la Jeune Chambre Iinternationale (JCI) de Londres, a eu le plaisir d'accueillir Mikael de la Jeune Chambre Economique (JCE) de Tours, lors de sa reunion mensuelle. Après en avoir appris un peu plus a propos de ces aventures d'active citoyen dans le monde entier, nous l'avons enmener dans la plus grande institution anglaise, tradition oblige: Le Pub.

(Big thanks to Marine for translating that, I am woefully monolingual)

Mikael is undertaking a 15-stop world tour as part of project Worldwide Active Citizen. His first stop was, of course, JCI London before heading up to JCI Sheffield and on to Belguim. In each country he visits, he is highlighting the volunteering and community work done by the National Chamber (things like Peace Week and £1 a Day). It's a chance to hear all about the incredible work that JCI active citizens across the world are doing, spread best practise, and get a brief insight into the cultures we forget are right on our doorstep.

Thanks for your visit Mikael, we hope you had a great time and we look forward to hearing all about your trip.

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