Meet Eyad Hamouieh from JCI London

Meet Eyad Hamouieh from JCI London

Posted By admin |02 Jan 2011
Meet Eyad Hamouieh from JCI London

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You are the International Director in JCI London next year? What's your plans for next year?
My plan next year is to add an element of business to the international events.  I have realised that a large number of JCI members are interested in business and would therefore like to attract them to the International team as well.

I am planning on running several events which would provide insight on the business culture within 5 different regions: China, India, US and Canada, Latin America and the Middle East
In addition to understanding the business culture of the above areas, I would like to run 1 or 2 sessions regarding the rules of Import and Export to the UK as well as between other countries.

Nevertheless, I still plan on running other non-business related events next year. This will be based on the members that approach the team and suggest these events (e.g. dancing from different countries, different foods... etc)

How have being a JCI member influenced your career? 
JCI has influenced my career tremendously! In fact, I was offered my current job after attending the JCI Annual Dinner in 2010.

Furthermore, the soft skills that I was exposed too and the training sessions that ran within JCI London events helped me tremendously in my current job. Especially being originally an Engineer with little contact with clients!
Can you give some top tips to new members? 
I would recommend new members to take on the challenge of being active within JCI not only attending events, but by running them.  This will provide a new challenging experience, a great networking opportunity and is always attractive to put on your CV. You also never know what these events might lead to next.
Who is your dream speaker that you would like to invite to a JCI event? 
Warren Buffett
What can JCI do for you? Do you need help with anything such as connections, developing ides? 
JCI has already done a lot for me. However I believe that you can never have enough connections and therefore would love to network even more. My father always quoted the saying to me "it’s not what you know, it’s who you know".