Posted By admin |28 May 2014

Blog » Master Cutler_opt.jpgWhat a month!! We have been so busy on all fronts this month that I have barely had chance to catch my breath. What I am really loving though is seeing all our hard work start to pay off - new members, busier events and every single one of you striving to be better!

Challenge update

The main problem with undertaking a new challenge every month is that I enjoy them so much I want to keep them all up. I know, cry me a river, right?

January saw me give blood for the first time; May saw my second donation and sign up to the Interval study so I can donate more often. February's vegan challenge has lead to permanent diet changes (total convert to almond milk) and March's run has turned me into one of those annoying people who won't go on holiday with trainers! April's challenge was a real highlight for me: volunteering in SAFE@LAST's Charity Chicks boutique. I'm currently a bit too busy with the pesky day job to keep up my regular hours but hopefully I'll be able to return soon and help out at one off events.

Blog » Training courses » PSA1.jpgMy May challenge was more of a traditional training on that skill we all need: public speaking. I was lucky enough to be a delegate on the pilot JCI UK Public Speaking Academy in Birmingham, run by two fantastic JCI Trainers, Sarah Beckwith and Solveig Malvik. Read Ashleigh's blog and then get ready to sign up for next year! Whilst I was there I found out I have been selected to represent JCI UK in Malta as Captain of the debating team. So that's June's challenge ready to go!

What else have I been up to?

We had a brilliant business event with Julie Kenny CBE, who shared her incredible personal and professional journey with us. Her refreshing honestly and sense of humour meant we could all have happily stayed listening to her for hours. We'll definitely be asking her back soon. 

Two days later I was all glammed up and ready for Master Cutler's feast - where the first person I bumped into was Julie. Sheffield really is a village. The feast is a real privilege to attend. In 1927 the Master Cutler presented JCI Sheffield with our Presidential chain and it was a humbling experience to wear that same chain 87 years later as a guest at their annual dinner.

The absolute highlight of this month (in fact, this year so far) has to be our new members' night. Thanks to kind sponsorship from RISE Sheffield the prosecco was flowing all night, soaked up by some lovely pizzas. Gareth did us proud with the branding, the presentations and a generally awesome set up. The atmosphere was amazing and we signed up four new members on the night - with more to follow soon! New JCI Sheffield Director, Neal Stirk, shared his experiences on his blog - actually inspired by Julie Kenny!

Banners » New Members.jpg

Not a chance of winding down for the end of the month though, oh no! Last night was the JCI Yorkshire Public Speaking competition where I was drafted in a couple of hours begore as a contestant. At least there was no time to panic! I was absolutely thrilled to see new member Anna take to the stage and do us proud. Sadly the trophy didn't come back to Sheffield but went to the thoroughly deserving Charlotte of JCI Rotherham (also a first timer!). 

And tonight I'm off to our ever popular Network Wednesday to catch up with all our new, existing and potential members. Totally worth braving the rain for! 

Ready for a rest!

Or maybe just a change of scene. And that's exactly what I'll be getting when I jet off to Malta in 12 days (12 DAYS!!) as part of the biggest JCI Sheffield delegation ever! I love the international side of JCI and I just can't wait to catch up with our twins, friends and colleagues across Europe.