Mark my words - National President's update (January 2019)

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Mark my words - National President's update (January 2019)

Posted By admin |20 Jan 2019
Mark my words - National President's update (January 2019)

We are already over half way through the first month of the year and already such a lot has happened, including the first National Board weekend - a two day meeting for National Board to plan and communicate.  So I thought it’s a good time to write an overview of some of the key items your 2019 National Team have been working on.

New senator surprised

Before that, I must start by congratulating our newest British Senator, Tracy Grange from JCI Barnsley who I was so excited to surprise by presenting her with a senatorship at last weeks (goth themed) JCI Barnsley Annual Dinner in a rigged game of ‘heads or tails’.  Note, I’m not usually a fan of black nail polish, but I can’t say no to a theme!

Tracy joined JCI twelve years ago and is a great example of a member taking on the challenge to Step Up and to take advantage of all the opportunities JCI has to offer!  Tracy reflects on being awarded her senatorship “it took me by surprise as I was only expecting a bottle of bubbly for winning the game! I am very honoured and proud to be awarded this in my twelfth year of membership.  JCI has a lot to answer for: it has changed me and changed my life for the better! I have developed skills like public speaking, increased confidence and made life long friends. I also met my husband (Rich - just in case you don’t know!) Through JCI and moved from JCI Boston to JCI Barnsley in 2013.  Moving to Yorkshire saw my enthusiasm of JCI grow and saw me taking on the role of President of JCI Barnsley in 2015 (serving alongside Mark Smith when he was Local President!).  I cant thank JCI enough! Thank you again!” Tracy Grange, Senator #77701

#JCIUKStepUpJan momentum continues

It’s brilliant to see that so many members from our network of local JCI chambers are joining in with the #JCIUKStepUpJan challenge. Keep sharing your photos and what you are up to in the JCI UK members (closed) facebook group as well as on your own personal channels. The campaign has also had a lot of international attention, including a video message from 2017 World President Dawn Hetzel from JCI USA!

This weekend was certainly full of ‘firsts’ for me - it was the first time I dressed in a goth-inspired look for the gala dinner on the Friday night and then on the Saturday morning, I hadn’t expected to start the high heel race - a fun take and idea for Step Up January! Featuring 3 men and 3 women! Well done Henry from JCI Doncaster for your victory dash!



National Board

Most of the National Board met in Barnsley last weekend for our first meeting of the year.  If you’re not sure yet who is on the team this year - find out more here.  Their key priority is working on implementing the 2019 JCI UK Plan of Impact as well as supporting our network of Local Chambers across the country.

Summary of key items:

  • JCI UK 5 year strategic plan - initial ideas regarding approach and timescales
  • Chamber Taskforce - planning day involving representatives from the British Senate, JCI UK Foundation as well as National Board and members.
  • JCI Facilitator - prioritise places for JCI UK members
  • Business Academy - focus and possibility of it being a 2 day course
  • National events - National Convention tickets should go on sale later this month.
  • Communications and Marketing - lots of positive feedback about the videos we have made and quality of our communications and marketing.  Roadshow update and future plans.  Website development plans.
  • Community Action - lots of good engagement with Step Up Jan campaign and summary of other projects and campaigns in the pipeline.
  • International - JCI UK delegation hotel agreed. Discussion around Brexit and the importance of JCI being an apolitical organisation.

The team also signed a Code of Conduct that outlines key expectations for them in their role national roles for 2019.

This year, we plan to open up National Board meetings to give members the opportunity to be part of the discussions.  Lucy Collins from JCI Sheffield joined us for some of the weekend.

Lucy said “attending the National Board meeting gave me a chance to understand how JCI UK works at a national level.  I also got to see how National Board roles fit together and how decisions are made that affect the national organisation.  It certainly demystified the whole process and it reminded mw how local chambers are part of something far bigger!  It was a fantastic opportunity for greater cooperation and collaboration between local and national leadership and it was great to have the chance to make some comments in the discussions.  I would welcome more of these opportunities in the future”.

If you are interested in attending a future meeting, please express your interest via your Local President or Vicky our Admin Director.  The next National Board meeting will be on 3rd March in Sheffield and the one after that in June expected to be in Belfast.  There will be other meetings in the South later in the year.

  Mark Smith National President 2019 JCI United Kingdom Senator #76527