Making a World of Difference – JCI Ignite

Making a World of Difference – JCI Ignite

Posted By admin |27 Jun 2011
Making a World of Difference – JCI Ignite

Do you want to be involved in something that will make a difference to your life and the world? Do you want a sense of achievement for doing something rewarding for other people? Do you want to develop those skills you have but not sure how to make it happen? We are looking for members to get involved in this amazing new project and help us build an amazing new chamber that will spread the word of JCI Locally, Nationally and internationally - lets make a difference by starting at home!

JCI London is the most international Chamber in the world. It has just over 160 members from over 30 different nationalities. Everyone of those people joined JCI London for a reason - either to develop themselves, to build strong and lasting networks and to make a difference in the community. JCI London is thriving! So we would like to cerate more leadership opportunities for people to get involved with by creating a brand new chamber in London - JCI Ignite.

This new Chamber will work with JCI London to provide more opportunities for all their members, from Leadership Prospects, Personal Development, Community Involvement, more International Connections with new twin chambers around the world and giving people the confidence and power to create lasting friendships and networks.

There is an initial project meeting to discuss next steps on 4th July 2011 at the London Chamber of Commerce office and we have a number of project areas/roles that need to be filled which include (and not limited to):

1. Contacts and Referrals: Identify potential members and business, government and Community leaders who can refer their employees and contacts to the new Local Organisation. Everyone involved can contribute to the Local Organisation's contact list with their own personal and business contacts that may be interested.

2. Promotion and Publicity: Create, distribute and follow up press releases, advertisements, photography, and video for newspapers, magazines, web, radio and/or television; Create and distribute flyers, signs, advertisements and invitations; administer website.

3. Recruiting: Call, email, or write to all contacts and referrals to discuss the Local Organisation, invite them to events, and encourage their involvement. Make appointments and conduct face-to-face meetings with business and community leaders in order to explain the Organisation and elicit their support and sponsorship.

4. Finances: Keep records of all receipts and expenditures of the committee, including dues and affiliation fees and issue invoices for new members. Ensure that every expense is properly approved and presented to the treasurer of the sponsoring Local Organisation, if they are providing the funding.

5. Programme and Events: Coordinate and plan all informational meetings and events held, including Launch Party. Arrange for speaker or plan presentation, set agenda, invite appropriate sponsors, donors and supporters, coordinate location and logistics, and advise publicity committee of relevant information.

6. Follow-up: Provide support and guidance to the new Local Organisation after it is chartered and a board of directors has been elected. Ensure a Plan of Action is written and implemented and act in an advisory capacity, offer guidance and practical help where necessary.

If any of these areas interest you, or you think you can assist in any other way, please come along to the project meeting on 4th July.

In the mean time, if you have any questions, queries or anything else - please feel free to email

Nadene Jones -