Making a difference at The Archer Project

Making a difference at The Archer Project

Posted By admin |18 Mar 2012
Making a difference at The Archer Project

With so many of our current council team feeling passionately about the great work that is carried out at our local charity the Archer Project, we felt that we needed to build on the teams community project successes in 2011 and start 2012 just as strong! 

With this in mind we made contact with our friends at the Archer Project and soon came to realise that there was a huge project that they desperately needed help with, this was their storage room of donations which included food, clothes and toiletries. 

With a date, time and plan of action all sorted we set upon working on the first three areas that needed the most work, the cereals, main meals and toiletries areas. With the knowledge that we have within our own council team we were able to put in place the first steps to a LEAN environment for the charity, along with introducing them to the 5S strategy. 

We arrived on Saturday 4th February knowing that the task in hand was going to be tough and would need a lot of work, but these are the projects that JCI thrive on, as they are where we can make a real difference and work together to deliver a definite 'Impact of One'. 

When we arrived on the day we split up into teams and got to work. I think that we all learnt something new on the day, with one of the most light-hearted and funniest moments being Sandra's comment of “I never knew you could get a full breakfast in a tin!”. 

After six hours at the project we could start to see a real difference and the impact that we had made. However there is still plenty to be done and we are looking to arrange regular events with the Archer Project so that we can not only do the initial tidy and process setup, but to help them maintain the layout in the storage room for months and years to come. 

If you would like to get involved in any of our future events at the Archer Project please contact Katie Jackson (Sports and Social Director) at