Making a Change

Making a Change

Posted By admin |05 Dec 2011
Making a Change

Taking the decision to step away from my role of Personal Development Director and more recently Events Co-Ordinator for JCI Reading was not an easy one. Balancing the comfort of a familiar role, doing similar things and practising recurring skills or stepping into an unknown role that has not been fulfilled in JCI Reading for some years to take on the Charity functions within the Chamber.

The move for me was my personal desire to undertake charity work and also to learn and acquire new skills.

The first challenge was to be the seemingly easy task of choosing the charity, which in practice turned out to be one of great difficulty

  • Could those from outside the immediate locality be motivated to help?
  • What would form a widely appealing subject to ensure maximum buy in?
  • Was the charity well known enough to create and hold support?
  • What would other members of the chamber think?


I did my research, mind mapped my ideas, created my proposal and went to the JCI Reading Board Meeting


What would my fellow members think and would they agree with my idea for JCI Reading's Charity of 2012?



My next post will be on Wednesday.