Make a difference in 2012 with a role on the JCI London council

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Make a difference in 2012 with a role on the JCI London council

Posted By admin |05 Sep 2011
Make a difference in 2012 with a role on the JCI London council

JCI London council meeting, members discussing JCI's brand. A role on the JCI London council is a great way to:

  • Learn new skills
  • Really get to know the organisation
  • Make lifelong friends in London, the UK and the rest of the world
  • Gain practical experience of being on a board and running an organisation
  • Shape the future of the chamber and JCI

You can find out more about the council positions and our current directors here. This document contains the benefits, roles and responsibilities of each role on the council.

[Note: some members have had difficulty accessing the documents - you may need to save them onto your computer first and then open. Any problems, just email Sarah Beckwith at: to receive the information direct via email. Ed.]

Elections for the 2012 council will take place at the AGM on 10 October. The deadline for nominations is 9pm on Monday 3rd October. For more information, contact Deputy President, Simon Bucknall or any of the JCI London council. To stand for a position, download and fill in this nomination form.

Here's what some of our directors have to say about their experiences on the JCI London council:

˝The experience I've gained and contacts I've made have proven hugely rewarding on a personal level - new skills, fascinating people and opportunities to make things happen in a way that simply wouldn't be possible elsewhere. All of the above has also played a vital role in helping me develop my business outside JCI too.˝
Simon Bucknall
Training Director 2008 & 2009
Business Director & Deputy President 2011

˝For me the best part of being on the council is the people. Members of JCI are very open minded and ambitious and the members on the council are very passionate about making their members' JCI experience a positive one.˝
Nadene Jones
Social Director 2011

˝JCI board meetings provide me with an insight on how best to manage and run my own board if I am put in such a situation in the future.˝
Eyad Hamouieh
Business Director 2010
International Director 2011

˝I really enjoy taking new potential members throuhg the steps of self-discovery. JCI lends the tools and opportunity to really develop your personal potential beyond your expectation. The friends you make are like-minded and keepers. JCI is a truly enjoyable organisation for everyone.˝
Lydia Bartaud-Nel
Membership Director 2011

˝Being a JCI council member has helped me develop leadership and organisational skills hich has helped me in starting my own business. Invaluable skills for entrepreneurs not taught in the classroom!˝
Saket Modi
Deputy Training Director 2009
Training Director 2010 & 2011

˝I have been lucky enough to be on the JCI London council now for nearly five years and I love it! It is so refreshing to work with people from different backgrounds and experiences outside my own profession. Working with them has taught me a lot about myself, teamwork and leadership. As a council member I have acheived things I never even thought I would try. It is so rewarding to contribute to the growth and success of the chamber, as well as helping our members with their own personal development.˝
Sarah Beckwith
Community Director 2007
Membership Director 2008 & 2009
Deputy President 2010
President 2011

JCI London, council meetingJCI London, presidential inauguration 2009 at London Chamber of Commerce