Lori's review of LEAP 2014

Lori's review of LEAP 2014

Posted By admin |09 Jul 2015
Lori's review of LEAP 2014

Loredana Toader from JCI London was a delegate at LEAP 2014 and she has kindly shared her experience of LEAP below.

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I decided to go to the LEAP academy as many of my JCI friends were praising the program and said it was one of the best trainings they’ve attended. I’d never thought about leadership before and it was not something of interest to me. But it was recommended as a great JCI experience and a wonderful training so I didn’t want to miss that. I booked my place.

I got there on a Friday full of energy and open to new ideas. I was also a bit nervous as I didn’t know exactly what to expect. Also, thoughts that this might be a waste of time ran through my head. We did a fun exercise on Friday evening to warm up and get to know each other. We were also introduced through a fun interactive game to a leadership tool that gave us a glimpse into our personality.

On Saturday we got involved in various group exercises that sparked imagination and problem solving. Things seemed to move along quite smoothly then the challenge came along and as I discovered later I was not as well prepared for it as I thought.

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By the end of the day it had become really challenging -  I only understood after coming back home and reflecting that I’ve found a side of me that was a blind spot before. Attending LEAP was the first step in discovering things that were new to me but very important for my personal development.

In such a short time I learnt so much about myself. Having to solve all type of challenges with a group of people I never met before shed a new light into: how I interacted with a group, what I expected from them, and what they expected from me. I admit it was not easy but it was worth every minute of it.

Yes, I did feel out of my depth. I never thought this will happen to me on a training weekend! Looking back I’m glad it happened because it is in these most difficult and uncomfortable moments when true change happens inside you and you have gained something invaluable – a true glimpse into yourself.  And if you have to make mistakes you don’t want to make them at work. LEAP is the perfect environment to learn about yourself and others.

During the training I realised it is sometimes hard to learn this in at work as there is so much pressure to perform and not the time and space to think and get feedback. And we all know how important constructive feedback is for us to improve.

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Looking back I see that the training gave me the confidence and the desired to embark on more challenging situations. Two months after the training I decided to take a leadership position on the JCI London council and start the chamber’s own leadership program –now I’ve already run 2 successful sessions. It definitely sparked by appetite for learning more about leadership: 2 months ago I was also accepted on a bigger leadership programme in Sweden. I know that the LEAP academy was just a small step but that the true change is yet to come. I am happy I took that small step, it made a big difference in my development and confidence.

The LEAP academy training also changed the way I view my relationships at work and I definitely have more confidence when dealing with people. I view my colleagues from a different perspective and I understand their perspective which leads to less frustration and more collaboration from both sides.

How will the program change you? You have to book your ticket here to find out! 

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I think if you want to learn something new about yourself, improve your relationships at work and become more confident and knowledgeable at managing and dealing with people then definitely LEAP training it’s for you.

One thing, though. Put passion into it, open up to new ideas and don’t be afraid to look stupid or different or uncomfortable. If you feel uncomfortable then you are on a path of an amazing journey.


For more information please visit www.jciuk.org.uk/leap or email the LEAP team at leap@jciuk.org.uk