Looking your breast with JCI Birmingham

Looking your breast with JCI Birmingham

Posted By admin |30 Jun 2013
Looking your breast with JCI Birmingham

We've been asked to take part in a JCI UK community project and from the information below, you'll see that it's something really simple and easy to participate in!

JCI members in Birmingham are calling on people to donate their unwanted undergarments in a massive show of support for a female charity campaign.

Leading by example, members will shedding their outgrown or unused bras and these will be distributed to women in developing countries.

As well as being gifted to ladies who don't own their own bra, they'll also be used as stock, helping ladies start up their own market-stall businesses. Sub-standard bras will be recycled raising cash for Flamingo Foundation projects. You can find out more at www.flamingofoundation.org/bras


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Kirstie Barnett, JCI Birmingham President says, "This is such an easy and fantastic way for local women to get involved and offer their support to women across the world. There are thousands of unwanted bras sitting in drawers that we have outgrown or got bored of, and we can now put them to good use."

Soraya Bowen, JCI UK Community Director says, "By donating old bras, people can help communities across the world in many practical ways and know that after the important support the bra has given them, it can go on to help someone else."

The ‘Bra Bank' scheme is run by the Flamingo Foundation and each year around 20,000 bras are distributed. This includes to a community of ladies in Kisumu, Kenya - many of who are widowed having lost their husbands to HIV. Most work the land and care for their families without any physical support, so owning their own bra, or having the opportunity to set up a market stall using the bras as stock, is extremely welcome.

Monica Keale explains, "The bras have given me the chance to stand on my own two feet. I have started my business and it helps me feed my family. The bras sell very well."

Rehema Keino "It's so nice to think of another woman thousands of miles away supporting me!"

JCI Birmingham will be collecting bras from 1st July to 31st August 2013. To drop off your bra, please contact Kirstie Barnett at jcibirmingham@hotmail.co.uk

Soraya ends, "These simple gifts can make a big difference and goes to show that what UK women take for granted can be a real life-changer for others."

For further information please contact Kirstie Barnett, jcibirmingham@hotmail.co.uk or 07973 525 376.

Notes to editors
For more information about the Flamingo Foundation's Bra Bank project please visit: www.flamingofoundation.org/bras

You can also follow Flamingo on Twitter @flamingofound or via Facebook at www.facebook.com/flamingofoundation