Looking your Breast with JCI

Looking your Breast with JCI

Posted By admin |17 Jul 2013
Looking your Breast with JCI

This year JCI UK will be supporting our 2012 TOYP (Ten Most Outstanding Young) Person Honouree Katherine Sparkes annual bra campaign. Katherine runs a company called Flamingo Creative and charity Flamingo Foundation (UK registered charity). Each year Flamingo Foundation run their annual Bra Bank Campaign asking women to donate their old, outgrown or unwanted bras. 

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Women looking at bras                       Katherine with her team talking to the women


Your old bras are used as a currency, helping ladies in developing countries start their own businesses and moving them out of poverty. Sub-standard bras are recycled raising cash for Flamingo Foundation community projects. This project is a simple but unique way to contribute to Millennium Development Goal number 3: Promote gender equality and women empowerment.

It is estimated that up to 80% women in the UK are wearing a bra that doesn't fit them properly. I’m sure that your old bras would end up on landfill site, so why not donate them to our bra campaign.


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Women with Katherine  inspecting and trying on the bras they will be selling

This year, when JCI UK is challenging our chambers across the country to collect 1000 bras!

We have the final count in Birmingham at our AGM in September.

Help spread the word and start collecting those old bras!

It is really simple just bring your friends, family and colleagues old bras to your local chamber event during July and August. Members will arrange for your bra’s to be transported Birmingham where they will be collected on behalf of Flamingo Foundation.


Soraya Bowen
JCI UK Community Director
Email: soraya.bowen@jciuk.org.uk