Live Below the Line

Live Below the Line

Posted By admin |15 Apr 2015
Live Below the Line


Could you spend just £1 on food and drink per day? It’s time to put your money where your mouth is to help us fight hunger!

The Challenge

Live Below the Line challenges individuals to eat and drink on just £1 a day for 5 days. Or you can take on the challenge as a group, whether it be with colleagues at work or friends and family, and try to prepare a single meal for 33p per person.

The challenge is a national campaign being run by Action Against Hunger, one of JCI Manchester’s nominated charities this year.

By taking part you will shine a light on the 1.2 billion people who live below the extreme poverty line, challenging yourself and others to think differently about hunger and the choices we make every day.

There is enough food in the world for everyone and yet tonight 1 in 8 people will go to bed hungry. We want to challenge the way people in the UK think about hunger and in the process raise funds to end it. By living below the line, you can help us achieve this.

So, some of the JCI Manchester board decided to take on the challenge. We set a date and time and all got together to have lunch. We each donated the amount of money we would usually spend on a city centre lunch and dined on a meal which cost £1.91 for 6 people. Emma, one of our charity director’s, took the lead and volunteered to prepare the meal for us. After much deliberation and scouring the city centre supermarkets she came up with a recipe for lentil cottage pie. Whilst we were all pleasantly surprised at how the meal ‘wasn’t that bad’, it really made us think about how we take food for granted. Even with an abundance of ingredients on our doorsteps and the internet to help with recipe ideas, making a meal for 33p per person took some effort and significant planning. Just imagine how those less fortunate than us, with far fewer resources, manage to survive every day on £1! Furthermore, having to prepare a nutritionally beneficial meal everyday to ensure that you really do survive!

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So JCI Manchester wants to challenge you!

The official corporate challenge date is today, 15th April 2015 and the 5 day challenge it between 27th April and 1st May, however you can take the challenge anytime between now and 30th June.

The rules:

1.       Individual Challenge

A)No more than £5 can be spent on all food and drink over the 5 day period. Then donate what you would usually have spent on food and drink over 5 days.



B) No more than £1 can be spent on all food and drink in 1 day. Then donate what you would usually have spent on food and drink that day.

2.       Corporate/Group Challenge

A) No more than 33p per person can be spent on a group lunch. Then donate what the group would have spent on lunch.

3.       All meals must be nutritious, so no cheating by buying packs of 10p noodles, you couldn’t survive on those for very long.

4.       Let us know when you’re taking the challenge so we can support you.

5.       Send us your photos and comments on how you get along to

6.       Share your story on twitter @JCIManchester @llbluk #belowtheline

7.  Any money raised send to our JCI Virgin Money Page so we can shout about your achievement.

You should also visit the Action Against Hunger website for more information and useful hints and tips such as recipes.