Life as JCI Barnsley President

Life as JCI Barnsley President

Posted By admin |16 Aug 2013
Life as JCI Barnsley President

I was told that life as a local JCI president would be crazy but nothing really prepares you for just how crazy it can get at times. We five full programs, a marketing/membership plan and several projects running this year there is always something that needs to be done. Luckily I have a brilliant team at are always on hand to help out.

For all the downsides and crazy there is something as equally fantastic and hilarious. Since starting JCI my life has completely changed. I have meet many friends, becoming really close to some after spending time in Germany and Belfast, found a new job thanks to the courage and connections I have developed and have the best social life I could imagine.


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As President I think I have only missed one event in Barnsley this year and I have been to loads all over Yorkshire and the UK. Sometimes I have been to an event or meeting three or four nights a week. Now in some organisations this sort of schedule would get tedious very quickly but not this one, as long as you care about what you're doing, want to learn and like the people your with then the evenings fly by and teach you a lot.

My role as President in theory is a very simple one to be the face/representative of the chamber in the local community and national within JCI UK and to make sure everything runs smoothly. In reality my job is a lot harder, nothing ever runs smoothly and most of the time that's for the better. JCI is a place to learn and grow in a safe environment and the 'one year to lead' part is no different. Imagine one year to lead, one year to make your impact on the local community with your peers support. It's crazy, it's frantic and at times it's downright frustrating. But to be completely honest I'm going to find it ever hard to let go because I love every minute!

'We were here, so let's make a memory'


Charlie Pearson

2013 JCI Barnsley President