Let's Get Physical - Run with Us

Let's Get Physical - Run with Us

Posted By admin |14 Aug 2015
Let's Get Physical - Run with Us

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Members from around the JCI Yorkshire region donned their running shoes & took on the challenge of running 10K for the MS Trust. We caught up with some of the runners to find out how they found the experience.

I don’t like running, I’ve never liked running and I still don’t like running. However peer pressure can get you agreeing to all kinds of crazy things. So I agreed to run the Leeds 10K for Run with Us along with 12 other JCI members and randomly my Mum. The run was as expected - hot and tiring. The high- light of the day (apart from finishing alive) was definitely the cheering and support from everyone, who somehow escaped running, yet still got up early on a Sunday.

Fiona Silverster, JCI Rotherham

Debbie and Joe Worthington from JCI Barnsley, set them- selves a challenge this year – to run 10K and raise £10,000 for the MS Trust after Debbie was diagnosed with the dis- ease. Chambers from across JCI Yorkshire and indeed JCI UK have been supporting their challenge. We caught up with several members from JCI across Yorkshire to hear from the brilliant “Run With Us” team.

On 12th July, 20 brave/foolish folk take part in 10k races
Leeds, London and Atlanta; all raising money for the MS Trust. For some it was their first (and
last!) 10k race, for others it was a milestone on their journey to being more healthy and for the rest it was a fresh challenge to maintain their fitness and help the rest of the team to go the distance.

Not content with one race in a week, some of the team even managed two races, when the oppor- tunity to run a second 5k or 10k with a local running club presented itself! This also gave one of the team the chance to cement their achievement of “couch to 5k” with their race debut and a vow to take on 10k in the foreseeable future.

Keeping up morale were a merry band of supporters that got out of bed (very) early to cheer on the runners on Sunday morning and rocked up after a long day at work to cheer on a Wednesday evening. Knowing that we’d see – and hear – these guys en route was a massive boost, even though they managed to get lots of photos of us looking less glamorous than usual!

Beyond boosting our fundraising by over £1000, every single one of them did something amazing that contributed to our Worthington500k Challenge – they believed in us and they should all be very proud of what they achieved and the part they played.

Enough of me wittering on though, let’s hear from them!

This week I have experienced both being a cheerleader and a runner. I never thought I would be get- ting up on a Sunday morning to cheer on a group friends at the Leeds 10k. A supporter gets to play the game of Where’s Wally or in this case, where’s the MS Trust vest! It is a quite tiring job along with clapping! It was great to see all the runners finish especially those who completed the couch to 10k challenge, as it was their 10k debut.

At the start of the year I decided I wanted to do the couch to 5k challenge, with the Nostell 5k as my target. On the night I was joined by bad cop Fi and good cop Debbie. Both got me round the 5.8k route... Yes we did 800m extra! I was overwhelmed with the support on the night and chuffed to bits completing my challenge. Adamant I was never going to 10k, I’ve now set my sights on the Lincoln 10k next spring and joining the park run community for a weekly 5k.

Thanks you Debbie and Joe for inspiring me to run, I am enjoying it and you are doing a great job of fundraising and creating awareness of the MS Trust! “Little Tracy” Anderson

Before: This is the scariest and hardest thing I will have ever done.
After: I’m so proud of myself and everyone else. I also feel very dead. Thanks for all your support; I can’t believe I actually did it! Gareth “Selfie Queen” Carson

Slightly disappointed in my time and I’m hurting badly, but I did it and I’m proud to have run with such a great group of people for such a great cause. Katie “Former Selfie Queen” Ogley 


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