Let's Do It JCI!

Let's Do It JCI!

Posted By admin |13 Mar 2012
Let's Do It JCI!

The global campaign of 'Let's Do It! World' will kick off on Saturday 24 March. In more than 60 countries in the world, people come together for one day to clean up their local areas from illegal rubbish. The date for cleaning up UK has been set to Sunday 13 May and JCI UK has decided to take the lead on it.

If your chamber is not yet participating then there are three reasons why you should take part in the project:

1. Amazing way to get together the whole chamber and do something good for the local community
2. Opportunity to engage with the local council, schools and companies
3. Raise the profile of JCI as an organisation of young leaders who not only dream, but make things happen!

It is very easy to take part.

You just need together a group of people from your chamber, who can locate an area, where the clean up would take place, estimate the amount of garbage you plan to clean up and try to engage as many people as possible to make it happen.

There are three chambers who have already taken the lead - JCI Bradford, JCI Liverpool and JCI London. Would your chamber want to get involved in Let's Do It JCI UK? If so, get in touch for more information, put together a team and LET'S DO IT!

Below you'll find couple of videos about the project and also a link to the global website.

Talking Tom and Ben News: World Clean-up 2012

World Clean-up Day

Let's do it world

For more information and support contact project lead Triin Paavel, JCI London