Let's Clean the World update

Let's Clean the World update

Posted By admin |02 May 2012
Let's Clean the World update

Let’s Clean Up the World is going ahead nicely and I’m glad to say that there are some Chambers, who are making preparations to make the day a success.

- JCI Barnsley is holding their clean up action on 27th May 2012 at Church Side Community Park as they wish to collaborate along side a local action group. The aim of the clean up is to make the park safe and reopen again. Looking forward to seeing the photos from the day in June!

- JCI Southampton will be cleaning up an area of Hamble Beach on 13th May, they will also be inviting friends of members and their family to have a larger turnout. Get in touch if you want to go and join them or let all your friends know in Southampton!

- JCI Liverpool will be meeting at Mercury Court at 1pm on the day to clean up several areas close to the city centre and after meet up for coffee and tea. Everyone is invited – including YOU!

- JCI London will be joining the big summer clean up with Thames21 on 7th July and all the Londoners are welcome to take part. Ask for more details.

Its very admirable that the Chambers above have decided to roll up their sleeves to make a lasting change to their communities. I do hope share some inspiring photos with all of you in June!

Triin Paavel
Let's Clean the World project lead