Leap of faith

Leap of faith

Posted By admin |11 Jun 2013
Leap of faith

Here's a few words from Natasha, one of our newest members. She recently took part in the charity abseil in aid of The Rainbow Centre. At the top of the Spinnaker tower, with a small rope and plenty of fresh air between her and the ground, Natasha takes up the story...


"“Now put your leg over the barrier.” An action that felt so un-natural, to climb over a barrier that is supposed to stop you from going over the edge, but that’s what I had to do. With a single rope to use to lower myself down, I began the descend. As an inherent rule breaker, after a few feet of rope had slipped through my hands, I decided to look down.

The View was spectacular! Portsmouth University buildings, historical dockyard, the HMS Victory and even the tip of the Isle of Wight visible through the descending cloud. I admit I hung there for far too long as my hand started to go numb. The initial “leap” of faith off the side gives way to adrenaline and you just enjoy the rest of the trip down (well I did anyway). Controlling myself all the way down, trying not to go so quickly down I’d miss out, but not so slow I’d hold up the next poor soul following me.

Having never abseiled before I’d not known what to expect and that’s all that put me slightly on edge, but once I’d taken the dive into the unknown there was nothing to be scared of anymore. Admittedly once the adrenaline wore off my hands and hamstrings needed some TLC , but I would do it again anytime, anywhere.

What made me happiest was the thought that I’d done what I did for a good cause, The Rainbow Centre. Anybody who has ever spent time with an individual who has neurological difficulties can appreciate how challenging it is to access education and how much of a struggle it is for those around the individual to know how to help. That’s where the Rainbow Centre comes in, inspiring people to take control of their development and provide the correct tools and environment to allow them to improve their lives.
Anybody out there can make a difference, I raised £250. . . about 30 people did the same abseil and raised similar amounts . . . that’s £7500. That’s a mind blowing amount of money raised from just 1 event.
Do something brave today. Bravery only comes from going through with something your scared to do. Trust me its worth it.