LEAP - A 2014 Graduate's Perspective

LEAP - A 2014 Graduate's Perspective

Posted By admin |27 Sep 2014
LEAP - A 2014 Graduate's Perspective

Having received much positive feedback from LEAP alumni, I felt flattered when I knew that I got the bursary to join the LEAP training this year. It's my first national event and I liked the energy of both trainers and participants from across the country!

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Altogether I have been to different leadership training, the experience and dynamic is never the same. While leadership training elsewhere may mainly focus on commercial and work aspects, LEAP participants share the JCI vision which made the exercises and discussions more enriching. The part that I enjoyed the most is the team building exercises in the morning. It's refreshing to work with team members from different JCI chapters. I also found the personality analysis training very useful and that gave me a good reminder of self awareness.

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The regular ticket price is already amazing for an all-included 2-day training and it's even more so with the bursary. That's really a good motivation and I can't wait to join future JCI training! At last, a big thanks to the JCI national training team for organising the training and all the work in making it a fruitful experience!

By Winnie Mak, JCI London

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