Just Dive Straight In!

Just Dive Straight In!

Posted By admin |26 Jun 2013
Just Dive Straight In!

Kathryn Haines joined the JCI Southampton Council team in January this year after being a member for only a few months.  Here's her account of why it's been a great experience for her:

"I decided there's no better way to get involved in JCI than to just dive straight in!
I took on the role of Marketing & Social Media Director even though I had very little marketing experience.  It didn't matter though as, in February, JCI UK held a Marketing Academy for a weekend in Birmingham where I learnt almost everything I needed to know - from the basics about what JCI is and what we do, to how to design documents and use the website.  I certainly came back from the Academy with plenty of ideas and eager to get started on my new role!
One of the main things I have done in this role is to start a new Facebook page for JCI Southampton.  I'm really proud of the page, especially now that we have reached 100 likes!  It's regularly updated with information about what we're up to and photos & videos of our events.  It's a great way to get very current news about the chamber and about JCI UK too.
Our Twitter page has also recently passed the 200 followers mark and I am hopeful for increasing this further!
There is still plenty more to do with the marketing for the chamber and I look forward to seeing what we can achieve in the next six months!  I would certianly encouarge any members of JCI to join the Council of their local chamber or to simply get involved in a project they would like to be a part of.

Don't forget - if you have any marketing suggestions for the Southampton chamber, please feel free to contact me!"


JCI UK Marketing Academy 2013