JCI Yorkshire in January

JCI Yorkshire in January

Posted By admin |17 Feb 2016
JCI Yorkshire in January

Hi everyone and welcome to February! 

Yes that's right we are a month into 2015 already and it is safe to say things in Yorkshire have been extremely busy and I think it is safe to say I have been around the Region a bit. I have been to events in Barnsley, Leeds, Rotherham and Sheffield as well as Reading for National Board meeting and Manchester for Inspiration Day. Busy busy bee! It has been great to see members traveling around the region too, at every event I have been to there have been members from a different chamber there, which is amazing, and exactly what we need so lets keep it up.

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JCI Yorkshire 2015 Presidents and RGC

Chamber of the month for January has to be Leeds. Their new members night has a really great feel to it and they got some really great members signing up. One of which attended Inspiration Day in Manchester only a week later! Well Done Leeds. 

For member of the month in January I want to give a special mention to all those who received certificates at Inspiration Day (sorry I can't just choose one) for ACE hours, Pathways, 100% efficiency and £1 a day. Each one of those was truly deserved so you should all be very happy with the recognition. It was fantastic to see such a presence from Yorkshire in these cetificates, I really we hope we can do the same again next year! Congratulations.


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Ace Hours                                                          100% Efficiency 

JCI Yorkshire » pathways .jpg JCI Yorkshire » pound a day.jpg

Pathways                                                                     £1 a Day 

So what about February? Well there are a list of events below so there is defiantly enough to keep everyone busy.

5th - JCI Barnsley loves a pub quiz

- JCI Bradford explores north parade

6th - JCI Rotherham Annual Dinner

- JCI Bradford Wear it, Beat it campaign

9th - JCI Sheffield first aid training

17th JCI Leeds Self Defence Training

21st - JCI Rotherham 'come dine with us'

- JCI Sheffield host JCI achieve and impact

26th - JCI Barnsley prioritizing and time management training

27th - JCI Rotherham goes stargazing

28th & 1st - JCI UK Marketing Academy

I know there are more dates just waiting to be confirmed so make sure you keep your eye on local chamber websites and social media for more updates.

This month as well as attending events I a starting to visit all council teams (as I aim to so every three months) so I will hopefully see all the teams and members on my travels.  

This month we will also be stating work on our Yorkshire's Story Project so keep your eyes and ears open and share your stories.

See you soon!

Charlie Pearson

2015 JCI Yorkshire RGC