JCI World President to visit JCI UK (22 – 25 March)

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JCI World President to visit JCI UK (22 – 25 March)

Posted By admin |15 Mar 2016
JCI World President to visit JCI UK (22 – 25 March)

We are excited to be welcoming World President, Paschal Dike, to JCI UK between 22 and 25 March.  

President Paschal will be visiting both London and Sheffield with planned activities including: 

  • Meetings with current local and national partner organisations
  • Meetings with potential global partner organisations
  • Forum with the JCI London Peace Week team to discuss the Peace is Possible Campaign
  • Lunch with former TOYP winners and JCI Ambassadors 
  • Dinner with former JCI UK International Officers and Past Presidents

Most importantly, there will be a chance for JCI UK members to meet President Pascal, learn about international leadership within JCI and the 2016 Plan of Action.  You can meet Paschal, hear him speak and ask questions at the following events:

London - Tuesday 22 March from 7pm at Wood Street Bar, 53 Fore St, London EC2Y 5EJ
Sheffield - Thursday 24 March from 7pm at Holiday Inn Royal Victoria

There is also the opportunity for members to act as Paschal's personal assistant and photographer during the visit on each of the days.  If you are interested, please contact National President, Sarah Beckwith.


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Paschal Dike, nominated by JCI Nigeria, was elected 2016 JCI President at the 2015 JCI World Congress in Kanazawa, Japan.

Born November 7, 1976 in Abajah South East Nigeria, Dike holds a master's degree in industrial microbiology. He is the Principal/CEO of Seal and Signature, a fire protection and security systems company, a trainer and coach, with business interests in pharmaceuticals. Dike lives in Lagos with his wife Chinyelu, son David and two daughters Emmanuella and Gabriella.

Dike joined JCI as a student member at his university on January 11, 1997. He served as 1998 Local President of his student organization at the University of Uyo, 1999 Collegiate Vice Chairperson of Area B and was elected as 2001 Collegiate Chairperson of all institutional chapters in JCI Nigeria. He rejoined JCI Trans Amadi in 2003 and served as Local President in 2004.

At the national level, he served JCI Nigeria as National Vice President in 2005, National Executive Vice President in 2006, National Treasurer in 2007 and National President in 2008.

At the international level, Dike served as 2009 JCI Vice President assigned to eight countries within Africa and the Middle East, 2011 Africa and Middle East Development Council President, 2012 JCI Executive Vice President for Africa and the Middle East and chaired the Africa and Middle East Conference in Casablanca. He also served as 2013 UN and External Affairs Committee Member, 2014 Chief Executive Assistant to the President and 2015 General Legal Counsel. Dike is a graduate of the 2007 JCI Academy and a member of the 2014-2018 JCI Strategic Planning Committee. In his positions at the international level, Dike has been honored with several awards celebrating his work and dedication to JCI.

Dike has attended nine JCI World Congresses, 15 JCI Area Conferences and five JCI Global Partnership Summits. He has been honored as JCI Senator No. 72013 and is a Phil Pugsley Patron of the JCI Foundation. He speaks English and Ibo.

As JCI President, Dike focuses on engaging, motivating and challenging JCI members and young people around the world to rise up and "just act" by addressing the challenges of today's world by creating sustainable impact in their communities. He believes that JCI should lead and influence collaborative efforts with other sectors of society for sustainable impact and prove its relevance in today's challenging world. Each solution provided is further impact made and therefore one more step toward a peaceful world.

He looks forward to JCI continuing to inspire young people around the world to join in the movement.  He envisions that through dedicated effort and consistent follow up, JCI will grow and JCI members will unite to generate more impact.