JCI World Congress 2013: Rio, Brazil

JCI World Congress 2013: Rio, Brazil

Posted By admin |28 Nov 2013
JCI World Congress 2013: Rio, Brazil

Well where to start? Where to begin?

As a JCI member, I've always wanted to attend a World Congress. With three European Conferences under my belt I knew a World Congress had to be bigger and better...it doesn't get much bigger than Rio my carnival friends. Well what better time to attend during my time as local President I thought as I clicked onto the Air France website.

World Congress offers JCI members massive amounts of personal development. From superb training seminars to public speaking and debating competitions to networking with JCI members from all over the globe and let's not forget the parties...oh the parties.

Firstly, I arrived along with my JCI partner in crime, Katie Ogley from JCI Doncaster. As I was the only members of JCI Southampton to attend, you'd think I'd be nervous going on my own. I knew there would be JCI UK members in attendance and Katie and I met at the European Conference in Tarragona back in 2011 - we've been friends ever since. We arrived in our hotel and discovered other JCI UK members were about to set off to discover Rio - a good opportunity to check out the local attractions.

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The sights were amazing. Christ the Redeemer was a particular highlight as was Sugarloaf Mountain. Six of us went out exploring and the weather was as glorious as you've seen in the book.

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I even had time to get in a quick melon.

The World Congress started on the Monday and during the week I dipped in and out of various activities. One big highlight for me was to represent the UK at the World Debating Competition. Another great experience and although we fell to Norway in the Semi-Final...I personally lot's about myself. My debating style on an international scale gave me something to reflect on...ready for next time.

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Lot's of parties followed. The Japanese night was a great success and we met friends from all over the world - old and new. Great to see our friends at JCI Malta who are hosting the European Conference in May 2014. The global village night was all about different countries coming together and giving out different items...such as alcohol from their countries. The UK...well the best gin in the land along with Cadbury's chocolate!

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Another great JCI international event. Massive amounts of new contacts made from all over the world. What for 2014 you ask? Well Malta for European and Germany for World...can't wait!