JCI “Women in Business” Panel Event

JCI “Women in Business” Panel Event

Posted By admin |17 Jul 2013
JCI “Women in Business” Panel Event

It was a girl power themed JCI business event last Thursday night (11 July) at Baker Tilly, as JCI Manchester hosted a "Women in Business" panel discussion, dealing with the many issues facing women in today's business world.

The topic of women's issues in the workplace always sparks lively and sometimes contentious debate and this event was certainly no different. On the panel were Anna Moss, director at 3 Door Digital and Forward Ladies 'Young Business Woman of the Year 2012', Claire Smith, director at leading legal brand QualitySolicitors and Joy Kingsley, Senior Partner at JMW Solicitors, with each panel member bringing their own impressive story.

There was no shortage of topics under discussion for the 3 panel members, as questions came from both the host Caroline McCarron (JMW Vice-President) and the audience (who, by the way, consisted of both men and women!). The panel discussed ways of obtaining a healthy work-life balance whether with children or without, and shared their own personal experiences in obtaining this balance. The panel also expressed their views on what women can bring to the boardroom, including the ability to multi-task and the ability to get the job done.

One of the more controversial subjects considered was whether there is still a pervading underlying reluctance to hire women of child-bearing age in today's business world and a discussion of whether more could be done to encourage men to take advantage of flexible working time to try to obtain equality in this area. The views on the panel and in the room were split on whether men were currently taking advantage of flexible working time, the subject sparking a particularly lively debate.

As a woman in today's business world, I certainly came away from the event feeling pretty empowered, having taken away some nuggets of wisdom. Some simple but effective advice from the panel included that you get out of your career what you put in, that women have a lot to offer at the top level and if it feels wrong, it is wrong!

If you were at the event and have any comments, the JCI Committee would love to hear from you.