JCI UK pound-a-day

JCI UK pound-a-day

Posted By admin |07 Feb 2013
JCI UK pound-a-day

So JCI UK have completed their first pound a day challenge, and I must say, it has been a bigger success than I could ever have imagined!  Not only did we raise a fantastic amount of money, but we also raised huge amounts of awareness.  Leading up to the event is was difficult to go onto a social media site or read the local press without hearing about the £1 a day challenge!

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At Inspiration Day we presented Ruth, a representative from Save the Children, with a nice big cheque for £1,423. However, that amount has increased since! Here are some exciting facts and figures to give you a run down on the event:
- £1,763, the total raised for Save the Children (including Gift Aid)
- Which is 76% above target!
- £150 raised for Nothing But Nets
- Over 35 people joined in
- 10 Local Chambers participating

Everyone should be really proud of what we have achieved. We have had a number of JCI UK 'firsts' such as Text Giving and celebrities re-tweeting our hash tag!

Everyone approached the challenge in a different way and there was great idea sharing and support.  We even had members having a Pound a Day dinner party!  Some people who weren't able to fully partake gave up luxuries such as coffee, alcohol and smoking. Although I think it is safe to say that everyone who joined in found it difficult, many members have realised that they could easily make changes to their shopping and cooking hobbits, especially to reduce food wastage.

I hope we can continue this passion and set ourselves even bigger targets to smash next year! Well done!

Katie Ogley
Pound a Day Project Manager