JCI UK partners with JCI Poland to help a child!

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JCI UK partners with JCI Poland to help a child!

Posted By admin |28 Apr 2016
JCI UK partners with JCI Poland to help a child!

JCI UK together with JCI Poland and the technological start-up company Talking 2 Rabbit launched a charity campaign aimed at the purchase of a drainage vest for seriously ill little girl Maja, suffering from cystic fibrosis. Cystic fibrosis is an incurable genetic disease, which floods the lungs, pancreas and liver with thick mucus. Some children with cystic fibrosis do not live to adulthood. 

Little Maja’s  story Maja was born in a small village in Poland. Since she was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis her parents have been giving her the same routine treatment every day: clapping her on the back, a form of manual drainage of the lungs inhalations, during which the girl twists, bends, trying to escape, crying with the pain. This might change with your HELP!

For Maja to be able to breathe normally, a drainage vest is needed urgently. This device cleanses the respiratory system. Thanks to the vest, instead of the usual hours of painful and unpleasant treatment, it only takes a few minutes! She will use it daily like other healthy children and can go to school, play sports and enjoy life as a little kid! Unfortunately Maja’s parents cannot afford to buy the drainage vest by themselves.

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Wonder How you can help?

1. Like the project page on Facebook: 


2. Click “LIKE” under the action banner which you can then share on your timeline to spread the word about the project and have more people involved.

3. Sign-up at  www.YourVoiceHelpsMaja.com  and start recording your voice over the Internet.


Recommended steps:

1. Check that your laptop or desktop has Chrome or Firefox and  equipped with a standard microphone (built-in or external). Note: Mobile devices like smartphones or tablets are not compatible with the web-based recording platform!

2. Make sure that you have stable Internet connection and try be seated in a silent room.

3. You will be asked to read out loud general English sentences and German names and locations displayed on the screen (as a British native speaker, German language skills are not required) which takes about 10 minutes!