JCI UK National convention - Newsflash

JCI UK National convention - Newsflash

Posted By admin |06 Jul 2014
JCI UK National convention - Newsflash

We've just had news from our president about this year's national convention:

I am happy to report that JCI Canary Wharf will be hosting the National Convention in November!

For those of you who sent questions/comments, these have been passed on to the team so that these considerations can be factored in.

The next step is, led by the COC (Conference Organising Committee) of course, to get promoting this to our members! I know that with this event being close to the world congress, we need to give the team all the support we can to ensure this is a fabulous event, befitting of all the effort you are all putting in this year! After all, this is your event, your opportunity to showcase your chamber and for is all to come together for one last time as a 2014 JCI UK team.

If you have further comments or questions, these should be directed to the COC.

Well done Canary wharf (and London) - let's do this!!!


Kate Senter