JCI UK Marketing Academy 2015

JCI UK Marketing Academy 2015

Posted By admin |04 Mar 2015
JCI UK Marketing Academy 2015

As you may know at the end of 2014 I decided to increase my involvement within JCI and became the JCI Barnsley Marketing Director so when President Tracy Anderson asked me to attend Marketing Academy I booked myself a place. The event was held in Birmingham on 28th February and 1st March.

I'm glad I went as it was my first national event and first chance to get to know some Yorkshire members better and meet members from around the UK as well as expand my marketing knowledge.

We had some great speakers over the weekend. On the first day 2015 JCI UK President Drew Charman spoke to us about this years theme ‘feel proud'. This was followed by JCI UK Marketing Director Michaela Schaller discussing strategic partnerships and a very engaging talk with JCI London President Soraya Brown regarding her proposed marketing plan for her chamber.

After lunch and a game of musical chairs we were taught about event management with Sofie Sanadell followed by marketing mix and value proposition with UK International Director Wasim Alfaisal. Throughout the day we were asked questions, worked in groups and went up to the front to speak to the group so it didn't feel like we were being talked at.

On day two our design skills were tested when we designed a flyer before splitting off into our groups to finalize our six month marketing plan for a fictisus JCI community. The group I was in was given Bright Light City and the task was re-engage the members who were inactive.
I don't enjoy getting up and speaking in front of people but I surprised myself with how confidentially I got involved. I was even filmed being eaten by a funky chicken! I made several pages of notes and can't wait to implement the things I've learnt.

I would recommend the course to anyone with an interest in marketing or if they're thinking of getting more involved with their chamber. This weekend not only did I learn more about the many different platforms that marketing has but I also developed my confidence and made new friends who are passionate about JCI.

Leanne Bolan, 2015 JCI UK Marketing Director

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