JCI UK Machu Picchu Trip 2017

JCI UK Machu Picchu Trip 2017

Posted By admin |12 Feb 2016
JCI UK Machu Picchu Trip 2017

Dear JCI members

I am extremely excited to be writing to you with details of the upcoming JCI UK Machu Picchu trek planned for May 2017.

I first saw a picture of Machu Picchu when I was around 9 years old in a book at school and remembered thinking at the time ‘wow' - followed by the thought of how cool would it be to live in the clouds!

Machu Picchu really is the City in the Sky and throughout history has inspired and drawn thousands upon thousands of people to see it's famous peak and views.

Who can go?
In May 2017, myself and 24 other JCI UK members will take our first step towards seeing with our own eyes the City in the Sky. This challenge is open to any JCI UK member from any chamber regardless of length of membership. You don't have to be at board level or ever been a local President. I am looking for members who want to step outside their comfort zone and achieve possibly the biggest challenge in their life to date. The member who thinks they can't do this is the member I want to see at the top!

Who is organising the trip?
We at JCI UK have an extremely trusted company taking care of the organising for us. Charity Challenge have organised hundreds of successful trips to Machu Picchu and will be on hand to answer all questions you may have about the trek itself. This may include fitness, route, overview, itinerary and costs. Their website has amazing details plus videos of previous expeditions with case studies and comments from previous trekkers. I have personally used Charity Challenge before with the Sahara trek and found them amazing.

Can I raise money for charity?
Absolutely. Charity places are available and we have not specified which charity you can raise the money for. All local chambers are raising money for a certain charity and some members have a special affiliation with certain charities so the choice is yours. There is a self payment option for those members who would like an alternative. Prices can be found on the website link below.

JCI UK Private Trek to Machu Picchu Fri 05 May 2017 - Sun 14 May 2017

If you have any questions or members would like to get in touch to ask more questions etc - please feel free to contact me.

Today is perhaps your first step on this amazing journey!

Best Wishes


Michael Steel
2016 Deputy National President - JCI UK