JCI UK gets two new Certified National Trainers (CNT)

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JCI UK gets two new Certified National Trainers (CNT)

Posted By admin |06 Jul 2011
JCI UK gets two new Certified National Trainers (CNT)

JCI United Kingdom is proud to announce its two latest Certified National Trainers - Emma Eastwood from JCI Leeds and Solveig Malvik from JCI London and JCI UK Deputy National President. 

JCI Designer, the JCI Training Designers Course is a three day course introduces techniques and tools to design training courses with detailed trainers' instructions, participants' handouts and visual aids in such way that other trainers can easily conduct the course.

Trainers can do JCI Designer when they as graduates of JCI Trainer have conducted 50 training hours within JCI. The next step on the JCI training career is IG - International Graduate, which requires 25 training hours delivered internationally as well as submitting a one hour training course.

Emma says:

"I really enjoyed taking part in JCI Designer and JCI Head Trainer in Tarragona. The course content was interesting and I got to work with some fantastic people.  This was the first JCI course that I had taken part in overseas and I can throroughly recommend it, as working alongside people from other countries was brilliant.  I have many fond memories of the time spent training and really hope to visit some of the people from my course and possibly even train in their countries.  

The next step for me is to try and obtain 25 training international training hours so I am going to be contacting the people that I met at European Conference to work out where I can travel to!  Training courses that I can deliver include Debating, Teamwork, Word of Mouth Marketing and Discover which is a course for JCI members to help them to maximise their membership.  I am very excited about future training opportunities!"

Solveig says:

"I did JCI Designer in Manila and I absolutely loved it. My colleauges came from Nepal, Japan, India and the Philippines and it was a lot of fun learning about training from around the world. I absolutely recommend attending courses in other areas than your own as you get to expand your network and learn about other cultures.

I have some international hours booked already as I'm going home to Norway next week and will be giving trainings for JCI in Trondheim then. I also plan to attend international conferences next year and hope to be able to deliver trainings then. I love giving trainings on networking skills, personal presence and charisma and value based personal branding."

JCI Leeds member Emma Eastwood with fellow JCI Designer graduates in Tarragona


JCI London member Solveig with fellow JCI Designer graduates in Manila