JCI Southampton is officially the Best Chamber in the UK !

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JCI Southampton is officially the Best Chamber in the UK !

Posted By admin |15 Apr 2013
JCI Southampton is officially the Best Chamber in the UK !

JCI UK National Convention, Belfast - Dec 2012

What a fantastic time JCI Southampton had in Belfast at the JCI UK National Convention last weekend!

JCI Southampton members joined friends and fellow members from across JCI UK in celebrating all of the UK's achievements whilst participating in some great training, key note speakers, public speaking competitions &, of course, social evenings.

It was my second visit to the city & the welcome was as warm as ever.  It really is a lovely city with lots to see & do and it's only a shame that sectarian troubles still occur every so often (the latest happening literally just after we departed - it wasn't down to us I swear!).

A huge thank you to all of the JCI Belfast team and National Board who organised the event.  They truly deserve the congratulations they have been receiving left, right & centre as it was such a memorable weekend, culminating in the National Awards Gala Dinner which was held at the truly stunning venue of Titanic Belfast which you will also have seen in the news due to Hilary Clinton, US Secretary of State, dining there during this past week.  We managed to beat her to it!!

Personally, I had a great time - taking part in my final National Council meeting as President & also getting to organise & host/compere the National Debating Competition which is always one of the highlights of the weekend.  I also had the honour of being sworn in as Southern Regional Group Chair during the Awards Gala Dinner which means I'll be on National Board next year and able to continue the efforts to bring the Southern chambers closer together whilst being a mentor to the region's Local Presidents for 2013.


JCI UK National Convention 2012, Belfast - JCI Southampton Awards


JCI Southampton has had yet another fantastic year & I am immensely proud to announce that we were recognised for our programmes & achievements by JCI UK.  Not only did we win the most awards by any JCI UK Chamber, but we managed to snag the top 3 (chamber, president & deputy president) awards - a HUGE achievement which reflects the hard work the team have put in behind the scenes to ensure that the chamber moves forward into 2013 with a really strong foundation upon which to prosper!

So what did we win?

Most Outstanding Chamber – JCI Southampton (yes, we're officially the best chamber in the UK!)

Most Outstanding President (of a Chamber with 20-50 members) – Drew Charman

Most Outstanding Preparation by a Deputy President - Michael Steel

Most Outstanding Local UN MDG (United Nations Millennium Development Goals) Project - Apprenticeship Training Scheme

Most Outstanding Social Project – 2012 Solent Business Ball

Extempore Champion - Michael Steel

Best Debater - Michael Steel


We also achieved the following:

Runners Up - Debating Competition (JCI South team - comprised of JCI Southampton, JCI London & JCI Cambridge)

100% Efficiency Programme – 100% Efficiency achieved (ranking JCI Southampton as one of the most efficient chambers in the UK)


A huge congratulations to the team & to all our active members - these awards are, quite simply, a direct result of your continued support & enthusiasm!

Last year's challenge was to better our haul of awards gained at the 2011 National Convention - we certainly did that & then some!  Next year's challenge will be to keep the momentum going.  We're on an upwards curve & next year promises to be very exciting.  With a Council team in place already, we're looking at implementing a strong programme of personal development training & community events - two of the areas we know you want us to focus even more on. 

However, as always, as a voluntary organisation we need you to help us!  If you are interested in getting involved, sharing your ideas, or just attending some events please contact myself, Michael Steel (my successor as President next year) or a member of the 2013 Council team.