JCI Sheffield does Question Time!

JCI Sheffield does Question Time!

Posted By admin |13 Jul 2015
JCI Sheffield does Question Time!

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On Thursday the 9th of July this year BBC Question Time came to Sheffield to bring the current series to an end and I was fortunate to get asked to join the audience. Question Time is a TV show I've long admired and always wanted to be a part of. I've always been one for reading what is happening in the House of Commons, get angry at some of the latest policies or whole heartedly agree with others but still passionate nontheless.

On the 8th I got a phone call asking if I wanted to be in the audience and I accepted. I was advised an email would follow shortly telling when, where and where to submit a question. Each audience member has to submit a question before the event by email.  Fortunately for me George Osborne announced the first budget of the tory government, so there was plenty to discuss from that and lots of ideas for questions!

On the day I turned up to the venue, had my ticket checked and then I was sent through to a room pre-question time for tea and biscuits. We also had chance to submit a written question on the day to ensure the program talks about everything topical and current. After a short while, who came in to join us but non other than the critically acclaimed presenter David Dimbleby. He came in and warmed the audience up also giving us hints and tips. He came across warm and witty playing with us all a bit and taking any "banter" thrown at him.

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We then went into the main room, the beautiful ballroom of Sheffield City Hall.  We then tested the sound levels by having 5 audience members sat on the panel table and the audience comment on the sound levels.  Once this was out of the way the panel for the program came out. We had Rachel Johnson a journalist, Louise Bours MEP for UKIP, Chuka Umunna Shadow Buisness Secretory for Labour, Tommy Sheppard SNP, and Louise Soubry Minister for Small Business Conservatives. The debates on the night we're lively with great audience participation. Talk as expected, was dominated by the budget and Greece current issues, but with a mixed crowd from all the parties supporters it made for some interesting debates.

After leaving Question Time I had time to reflect on the evening on my way home. I realised that our political system here in the UK isn't always fair in the sense that we don't always get what we want; but we get a say and no matter what party we may or may not support, we make our voices heard, and that for me is what I love about this country and our system. We can always have a say and we can have open and honest debates about where we want the Country to go. Not everyone agrees on where we should go but we're lucky enough to be able to talk about it and argue about it in a safe and friendly manner.

By Neal Stirk,

2015 Community Action Director


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