JCI Sheffield - There's an App for that!

JCI Sheffield - There's an App for that!

Posted By admin |04 Oct 2011
JCI Sheffield - There's an App for that!

JCI Sheffield - there's an app for that!JCI Sheffield is excited to announce that they have launched the first interactive mobile app for a local chamber! The free app enables users to access all of the latest JCI Sheffield events and news wherever they are...not only that, but they can book directly onto events and also navigate their way to the venue! The app is available for iphone and android. A demo of the JCI Sheffield app can be viewed on YouTube.

This project has been led by JCI Sheffield Business Development Director Glyn Jones who stunned former Business Link Chairman at a JCI Sheffield event about investing in regeneration. Glyn saw his opportunity to outline the plans that he had developed that were being held back by funding and suggested that funding could be delivered via the Business Link reserves that were held by Sheffield Chamber of Commerce to form a collaborative sponsor approach. Needless to say, Glyn's pitch did the job and he secured funding to set up the app and support it for the next two years.

Glyn said: "JCI Sheffield thought that an app would be a fantastic way to connect with our busy members who are always on the go, juggling careers, families and a social life! We hope that this will drive engagement and also highlight to those individuals who are yet to join, that we are a professional, modern organisation that can provide them with opportunities that empower them to create a positive change."

The JCI Sheffield team is keen that an app in this format is accessible to chambers around the world and so the team is working on a referral offering to secure the best rates for other chambers who may want to take advantage of this resource. If you would like to find out more about the app and how your chamber might be able to replicate the model please contact jcisheffield@googlemail.com


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Ps. you can read an interview with Glyn Jones here