JCI Rotherham six months in!!

JCI Rotherham six months in!!

Posted By admin |04 Jun 2014
JCI Rotherham six months in!!

Six months ago we got our first few members, these members were passionate people from other local JCI chambers that wanted a new challenge. The planning was well underway for our Relaunch night and there was no turning back!

What a difference six months makes! Now we are at 8 official members with 3 members’ forms currently in processing. We have three very supportive local business patrons and have already brought home an award from a regional competition thanks to Charlotte! We have held 10 events and on top of that members have attended over 30 in Rotherham and around the region! We have also run a very successful stamp collection project, collecting over 22,800 stamps in aid of Radio Nightingale. It has been a very busy six months trying to get our name out to the JCI world and the local community. With membership engagement at 100% last month I could not be happier with the start we have had, I feel so lucky and to have such an amazing team come together so early on is just incredible!

 Council team » Council Team.JPG

Surprisingly (although not really) I am completely warn out!! I am pretty sure most of the team are too. So here comes the best part! Next week everyone has the week off (this week for our Deputy! She get to monitor everything next week). I want JCI Rotherham to take a breath look back on all the hard work of the last six months and recharge your batteries. Gemma and I are off to European Conference in Malta and Charlotte is sunning herself on holiday (although I am told she has her public speaking book on the sunbed, dedication). The next six months are going to be just as hard but hopefully by the end of it we will have a new chamber with a very bright future.

I really couldn’t thank everyone enough for all their hard work, have a great week next week whatever you’re doing. If you’re at home take any time you would normally be doing JCI stuff to put your feet up. You think our first six months have been amazing? Wait till you see the second!!!

Happy Resting!!

Charlie Pearson

A very happy JCI Rotherham 2014 President

P.S. I am told the world won’t stop turning, I hope our National President is right!