JCI Regatta: Sailing for nets - the race starts 3 September

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JCI Regatta: Sailing for nets - the race starts 3 September

Posted By admin |29 Aug 2011
JCI Regatta: Sailing for nets - the race starts 3 September

On 3 September 2011 in Biograd, Croatia the participants of the first international JCI Regatta charity sailing event will line up behind the starting line to fight against malaria. Malaria is the leading killer of children in Africa, but this deadly disease can easily be prevented with the use of insecticide-treated nets. Through programs like the JCI Regatta, JCI (Junior Chamber International) members, in partnership with the UN Foundation's Nothing But Nets initiative, all around the world work to purchase and distribute mosquito nets and educate families on their proper use.

All the revenues raised by the fanatic sailors from the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Hungary and Turkey will go to JCI Nothing But Nets to purchase mosquito nets for African families. The donations of the JCI Regatta charity event will be doubled in the end by Cordaid, the largest developing-aid organization of the Netherlands.

The JCI Regatta will take place between 3-7 September 2011, around the beautiful Kornati islands near Biograd. The so called ‘one-off fleet' will consist of 8 boats, each having maximum 8 crew members. To raise the prestige of the event, the incoming 2012 JC World President, Mr. Bertolt Daems will also actively participate at the event. His focus, just like of the other sailors will be on raising awareness in Croatia and in other countries about the need for action to overcome the deadly disease in Africa. Ultimately the event may also contribute to the establishment of a local JCI organization in Croatia.

About JCI: JCI is the leading global network of young active citizens with 200.000 members in more than 100 countries worldwide. JCI provides its members development opportunities in order to create a positive change in our world and to become better leaders or entrepreneurs.

JCI has officially partnered with the UN since 1954. In 2003, JCI committed to advancing the UN Millennium Development Goals, a set of time-bound targets for poverty, hunger, disease, illiteracy, environmental degradation and discrimination against women. JCI members organize thousands of projects every year committed to advancing the goals and using the UN MDGs as a framework. The JCI Regatta is one of these projects that supports the UN Foundation's Nothing But Nets campaign.

For more information, please contact:
Roel van Laarhoven

Secretary, JCI Regatta Foundation
E-mail: info@jci-regatta.com
Website: www.jci-regatta.com

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