JCI Reading Guide Dog Project – 2 month review (all is going well)

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JCI Reading Guide Dog Project – 2 month review (all is going well)

Posted By admin |15 Mar 2012
JCI Reading Guide Dog Project – 2 month review (all is going well)

Yesterday I (Clare Franklin) banked the cash from JCI Reading's Guide Dogs for the Blind Pub Quiz (boy was it heavy!) having done the final count ups and accounts.  Its fair to say the event was a massive success. 

The evening had been a sell out two weeks in advance with 12 teams of 6 players each booked their places for the competition with entry fees covering players' dinner and a donation to the charity.

Local projects » Guide Dogs » hearingdog.jpgWe were very pleased to welcome a quiz team from Guide Dogs for the Blind Reading Branch including Steve (one of many Steve's to be mentioned here, i hop you can keep up) with adorable guide dog Warner who were also joined by a freind of mine with her Hearing dog.

Steve's address to the attendees made it very clear what a positive impact Warner, like his three previous guide dogs, has on his everyday life.   He told us that so many people including himself in Reading are on a waiting list for either their first guide dog or a replacement as their present dog, like Warner, is waiting to retire. 

The quiz got underway with all the teams doing really well. A huge thanks has to go out to Steve our quizmaster whose quiz, as always, was challenging and thought provoking.  Steve gave his time free of charge and for this, JCI Reading are very grateful. 

The evening ended with the drawing of the raffle, prizes for which were donated by local businesses including a massage from Sharon Charles (www.mysportstherapy.com), AIM to Succeed Ltd (www.aimtosucceed.co.uk) Vue Cinemas and JCI Reading members.

After the quiz attendees had one final the opportunity to donate their spare change and purchase small items of Guide Dogs for the Blind merchandise that the Reading branch team had kindly brought along - at an event like this every penny really does count.

An event like this really is hard work to put on and my thanks goes to Steve Wells, JCI Reading President who helped with arrangements and the running of the evening.  All the organisation however is definitely worth it though as our final overall figure raised after all food was paid for was £651.20!

Our quiz total takes  our overall amount raised in the first two months of our 20112 campaign for Guide Dogs for the Blind to £819.00 - putting us on target for our overall 2012 target of £5,000 to fund a Guide Dog puppy named "Jaycee" through his first year of life and training.

At yesterday's evening's project meeting lots of ideas were shared for our next fundraising and support events.  Whilst planning is put in place for these our fundraising continues with the implementaion of our Recycling Awareness Project which includes the collection of :-

  • Used postage stamps
  • Unwanted clothing, shoes and bedding
  • Unwanted books
  • Unwanted dvd's and cd's
  • Unwanted computer games
  • Unwanted soft toys
  • Unwanted mobile phones
  • Used printed cartridges
  • Clean plastic milk bottle tops
  • Sellable items for bic-a-brac (our ebay account is going well)
  • Spare knitting wool and fabric

By making people more aware of what can be recycled/reused and sold for cash we are both helping raise money for Guide Dogs for the blind and making a difference to the environment, by reducing landfill, so that we all have a better world for future generations.

Please contact me, Clare Franklin using clare.frankklin@jcireading.co.uk if you would like more information on how you can help. We will have members at national events so can easily collect items that you wish to donate.

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