JCI Presenter: Reading, Sunday 30th January 2011

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JCI Presenter: Reading, Sunday 30th January 2011

Posted By admin |11 Mar 2011
JCI Presenter: Reading, Sunday 30th January 2011


The flyer for JCI Presenter really grabbed me…

Want to be a World Champion Speaker?  ….or just want more confidence when speaking publicly at work?

 I’ll sign up for that, I could always use brushing up on my presentation skills.  I’m so glad I did!

 JCI Presenter is an official JCI course, run by accredited JCI trainers, most of whom are professional presenters and coaches in their day jobs.  It’s a one day course which on this occasion started at 9.30am start until 6pm and took place at the Quality Hotel, 4 – 8 Duke Street, Reading on Sunday 30th January 2011. 

 The course is designed to help those who want to enhance their skills as a presenter and also focuses on the concepts of creating and delivering an effective presentation utilising visual aids and strong delivery methods, while keeping in mind the audience needs.  In my opinion it delivers that and a whole lot more.   

 It’s well known that people who have strong presentation skills are promoted faster, paid more and are generally more successful than those who are less proficient. Learning to present yourself and your ideas effectively can improve your negotiation skills and also lead to stronger interpersonal relationships.  As an HR Professional, I certainly agree with that.   

 We had a tremendous turnout of 20 attendees on 30th January 2011 in Reading, which took place immediately after JCI Inspiration Day also hosted by JCI Reading (another success story!)  This resulted in splitting the group into 2 at the beginning of the day in order to be more manageable and to allow everyone an equal opportunity to practice their presentation skills.  We had a great mix of JCI members from all over the UK, plus a few non members who had heard how beneficial the course was and wanted to participate for the day.  We were lucky to have 3 excellent trainers running the course:  Adam Woodhall , Solveig Malvik and Simon Bucknell.  Solveig supported one group, while Simon supported the other, allowing Adam as lead trainer flexibility to join both groups interchangeably which worked really well. 

 The course follows 5 different modules which are trainer led, followed by substantial opportunity for each participant to practice what they have just learnt and put it into practice.  Its not the easiest thing in the world to stand up in front of a room full of strangers and deliver a 2 or 3 minute presentation on topics ranging from ‘Why you should join JCI’ to ‘Life in Calabongo’ but we all did it and also provided the rest of the group with some constructive feedback called ‘tips’ and ‘tops’ after each presentation.

 Module l: Presentation Types

Participants will tell the audience about their most memorable experience. You will learn about the different types of presentations that you may have to make.

 Module 2: Audience Analysis

A short module which covers the importance of understanding who you will speak to, what they know, what they should be told and what pre-conceptions or prejudices they may hold.

 Module 3: Presentation Content

This Module will teach you how to prepare presentation content to keep audience attention. Participants will work on a presentation.

 Module 4: Effective Delivery

 This Module will explain the different techniques for effective presentation delivery.

 Module 5: Presentations

Each participant will deliver their presentation to the audience and positive feedback will be given


The day concluded with each participant delivering a 3 minute presentation, having had 45 minutes to prepare and practice in pairs.  I think it is fair to say that all participants showed a remarkable improvement on their presentation skills and confidence since the beginning of the day.    

I feel that JCI Presenter is a real confidence boost and really helps in your development as a speaker.  You don’t have to want to enter a JCI competition such as public speaking or debating – it’s a great one day course and lots of fun with excellent trainers.

I thoroughly enjoyed JCI Presenter and learnt a great deal during the course of the day, not only about the various presentation types, content and tips as covered by each module during the day, but it was also a fantastic opportunity to practice my own skills and to deliver no less than 3 presentations to the group.  It’s definitely true what they say…practice makes perfect!  I think I still have a way to go, but it’s a good start.  I would without doubt recommend this course to all professionals, you will learn something new and practice new skills out of your comfort zone.   

JCI Trainer is the 2-day follow up course for those who have graduated from JCI Presenter.  I will definitely be signing up for that!

Thank you Adam, Simon and Solvig for a great day!  


 A few words on our trainers:

Assistant Trainers:  

Solveig Malvik, Certified Local Trainer, Immediate Past President JCI London and JCI UK Marketing Director 2011.

Simon Bucknell, JCI London Deputy President 2011.  Twice winner of the GB & All-Ireland Championship of Public Speaking, Simon Bucknall helps the senior leaders of tomorrow to influence and inspire through the spoken word.