JCI Official Statement Released Regarding Recent Worldwide Protests

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JCI Official Statement Released Regarding Recent Worldwide Protests

Posted By admin |10 Jul 2013
JCI Official Statement Released Regarding Recent Worldwide Protests


Transforming Challenges into Opportunities to Create Positive Impact

JCI releases an official statement regarding protests occurring around the world on behalf of Secretary General Edson A. Kodama, 2013 JCI President Chiara Milani and 200,000 active citizens worldwide. 

"In recent months, the world has witnessed ongoing protests of young people expressing their discontent with the socio-economic situation in their countries. JCI as an organization supports full respect for freedoms of expression and peaceful assembly, which are fundamental to any democracy and come with due respect to human life and property.

While these uprisings may highlight the problems, it is only by systematically identifying the root causes of these issues, engaging the community as a whole and taking action to provide sustainable solutions that we can build better communities, better countries and a better world. The JCI Active Citizen Framework serves as a clear road map to bring positive change to communities across the world. Through this framework, young people can engage all sectors of society to collaborate in solving their local challenges in respectful, peaceful ways.

JCI calls on the young people across world in communities affected by the ongoing protests, as well those that are not, to get involved in activities that will help improve your community. Take action toward positive impact, but do so in a manner that is deliberate, systematic and leads to a sustainable solution.

With continuous technological advances, young people are given a strong voice through the use of social media. Young active citizens connect with likeminded individuals in distant parts of the world. This ability to have a voice and effortlessly connect across borders must be used wisely. These challenging times present a unique moment in history for young people to take the destiny of the world into their hands. JCI offers active citizens the opportunity to channel their hopes and aspirations to create a positive change within their community.

JCI will continue to stand in solidarity with young people all over the world who see the need and take the lead in finding sustainable, peaceful solutions."

Sincere regards,

Edson A. Kodama
Secretary General